It’s just ASS

I can’t really pinpoint exactly when I had this hysterical (albeit an objective) view but I remember some few years back when after rolling in the sheets with some girl from school I went to the bathroom feeling like I’m on top of the world, then I looked in the mirror and everything changed.  A […]

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Freedom and security

Even animals display a natural instinct to be free.  But then, what in the world “has so denatured man that he, the only creature really born to be free, lacks the memory of his original condition and the desire to return to it? ~ Etienne de La Boetie Women don’t know what freedom is, hence […]

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Bill Cosby and #MeToo

All the women that blew a director for a part in a movie or commercial please stand up, all the women that lined up to blow the band after a concert please stand up, all the women that slept with their boss for a raise please stand up, all the young women that marry 90 […]

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Book Report: ‘The Munchausen Complex – Socialization of Violence & Abuse’ | by J.N.

Socialization of violence & abuse is a subject I am obsessed with addressing. Dr. Richard L. Matteoli provides, formatted with a “dry” mini-encyclopdic way, valubale information. Not just a book on circumcision. It reports on other topics, such as different types of rituals: Many long for a sort of spiritual experience: With the influence of […]

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MRAs Are Posers | by Jessie Nagy

An internet report featured a woman basically asking why her date wasn’t a mind reader: She rejected him & wondered why he didn’t try harder. Let this be a reminder of how female collectivism weeds out (or attempts to keep temporarily) all the good qualities of masculinity – skilled imparting, which is a main merit […]

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