The Curious Case of Emmett Till


I was a bit hesitant to put out this piece mainly because of the race issue involved in the case and it is certainly not my intention at all to stoke an already lit flame the issue of race has caused in mgtow, so forgive what you the reader may perceive as some racial bias in this article.  This is an article I felt should be written as a strive towards my goal to underscore the female nature whenever I see it, and the new confession concerning the case of Emmett Till’s death in 1955 perfectly expose further not only female’s attraction to violence but her propensity to utilize the male nature to achieve her selfish goal no matter how costly it is to the men involved.  So this absolutely has nothing to do with race even though I’ll be referencing certain historical period and events as it pertains to the story.  This is only a reasonable analysis of the female nature.

When speaking of race history in America, white men of Jim Crow era is often addressed in relation to black men lynchings and deaths during this era but very little, if any at all, is ever said about the part white women at this time played in the genocide of black men.  It has always been my contention that the winner of any combat isn’t the man who has his hands raised after beating his opponent senseless, but the spectator, the one who watches knowing he has no stake in the fight, knowing that at worst he loses nothing and at best he goes home with his bidding as well as the satisfaction of having his entertainment needs met; he is the true winner.  The winner is never the victor.  All throughout history, women have been spectators, the covert front-row ticket owner to men’s violence against other men.  The usual rhetoric is that men are perpetrators of violence, and that is certainly true, but an inquiry into such accusations often stops that junction.  What is never explored is women’s part in action, their ability to claim innocence while being the cause, their quickness to levy against men all kinds of accusations of violence when they are the spectators walking away with the spoils of war among two titans.

In January, the woman responsible for the death of 14-year-old Emmet Till confessed that she had lied about the event that tragically claimed Till’s life in a case that acquitted her husband, Roy Brant, and his half-brother, J.W Milam.  Emmet, a Chicago boy who was visiting family in Mississippi, had gone into the store in August of 1955 to buy some bubblegum.  As he was leaving he is said to have whistled at Carolyn, a white woman, an accusation that would’ve gotten a black man killed in the south at this time period and one that ultimately led to the death of a 14-year-old boy.  Carolyn later testified that Emmet “had grabbed her and verbally threatened her.”  This was an accusation that led to the boy’s death as Emmett was beaten, mutilated, shot, and his body dumped in a local river.  Sixty-two years later, Carolyn, now 82, made a confession in the new book written by a university research scholar that she had lied, that Emmett never made verbal or physical advances towards her.

This isn’t an isolated incident and neither is it restricted to one particular racial group.  This cuts through any racial barrier, ethnicity, or country of origin.  How many black men are sitting in prison because of their black women?  Plenty.  Women are women everywhere and their nature remain the same everywhere.  This pervasive nature to make use of men as utilities and harness men’s propensity to compete with other men even to death cuts through all territories.

This also says something about white knights who grant women absolution on the faulty account that she is incapable of doing wrong; that she can’t make shit up to see if said white knights would come running to her rescue to save their damsel in distress.  Carolyn didn’t think nor did she care that a boy’s life could be lost and that her husband and her husband’s half-brother could go to prison for life.  She couldn’t care less about all the men involved.  Women are a creature of manipulation and deceit, and this particular woman took well to her nature that she made use of the heightened racial tension of the time, knowing full well that these men wouldn’t ask questions, that they would only act.  Because of her, a young boy’s life was ended prematurely, and her two white knights get to live with this conscience (or lack of) and relive their heinous crime in that dark part of themselves for the rest of their days even long after the lid of ignorance has been lifted, if ever.

One would wonder why the FBI aren’t looking into this case or why this case, because of this confession, isn’t reopened in order to serve due justice, but as all other privileges and perks women get to enjoy because of and at the expense of men, nothing will happen.  However, life knows how to equalize things when injustice is so great that it is incomprehensible.  Carolyn suffered a loss of a child after this case and her life was never the same afterward.  I, personally, don’t want to know what it is like to lose a child and neither do I wish it for anybody but in this particular case, the finish-line wiggled and fixed itself.  Cheek-turning is the hallmark of a religious dunce.  When it comes to the female hybristophilia, female hypergamy, and gynocentrism inflated so much that it endangers a man’s life, eye-for-an-eye is the due process.  Hence why it is very important to understand female nature just as it is important to understand the male nature.


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