Mother drugged 9-year-old daughter and burnt her to death amid bitter custody battle

Tell me again that men are the only ones capable of evil.  Tell me that the other half of humanity can’t be sadistic and evil enough that it would impress even Ted Bundy.  Here we have a mother who intentionally killed her daughter to get back at her ex-husband in a fierce custody battle.

Ms Coward, who had told friends she was taking Amber stargazing, instead took her daughter to a remote location where she gave her prescription sleeping pills. She then set her SUV on fire, with Amber inside.

The burnt-out vehicle was later discovered by a police officer who found a handwritten note on the outside of the driver’s door reading: ‘Help me. It was an accident. Locked keys in.’

Following an autopsy, Amber is understood to have died of a combination of hypothermia, smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning.

It’s not enough anymore to be guaranteed nearly everything in a divorce but some of these women would go so far to use innocent children as bargaining chips in custody battle.  The obscenity of this particular case isn’t the norm obviously but I fail to see the difference, in the moral sense, between killing ones child to get back at the husband and holding the child as a bait or bargaining chip either by restricting visiting rights or destroy the father’s image in a systematic brainwash of the child, denying the child a fatherly love and bond.  Both are meant to attain the same end, to hurt and damage the man.

The husband gave good advise….

No sentence will do justice for what has happened to Amber. As a father, I have had to bury my child and nothing will bring her back. I can only hope that other children are not being used as bargaining chips in a divorce or used to hurt the other parent.


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