Lawyer tells rape trial jury women are ‘good’ at lying and society is upset


What made my afternoon in this story is not the fact that the lawyer, Attorney Steve Farese, made a very bold statement when he courageously acknowledged a well-known but often repressed factual characteristic trait in women, but unlike most men who has ever stepped out of the lines set by women and SJWs, Steve was unapologetic about his remarks.  In the face of feminism and societal verbal onslaught your typical mangina with a job would be doing 360 moonwalk from that statement five minutes after it was made, but not Steve…

“Farese told the newspaper that his job “is not to care if anybody gets offended” and “smart people will see it for what it is.”

In the rape case that ended yesterday, a falsely accused wealthy businessman Mark Giannini was acquitted of three counts of rape charges but it was his defensive attorney who made the headline and sent feminist, aka women, aka society, reeling in a frenzy.  In his closing argument, Steve said that women are “especially good” at lying “because they’re the weaker sex.”

The fact of this statement is nothing new in MGTOW sphere.  To put it briefly, there is an evolutionary need behind this insidious nature of women, and women, knowingly or unknowingly, often uses it to their advantage no matter the cost to the man.  Many men have died awful deaths, sent to prison, lost their lives, lost their freedom, their children, as well as their sanity because of women’s innate ability to orchestrate a lie in a fashion only woman could.  In short, women are a creature of lies and deception who, lacking the basic moral compass and human decency, don’t hesitate catering to self even if it means endangering a man’s life.  But all the blame isn’t theirs because how could this base instinct flourish in society if men don’t kowtow in deference to this nature every single time it rare its ugly head?

Women and their blue pill manginas are of course outraged at the statement this man made (how dare a man burst their bubble and lift the veil on their illusion about women) but the indignation felt towards him flies in the face of justice well served.

PS: Why does it seem like almost every woman I’ve ever talked to has been raped at some point in their lives?  Lol.  As if every man is a walking dick looking for a wet warm place to satiate their hunger.  Meh, what do you expect from a perceived rape culture.


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