Ballad of the disposable male


Men, since time immemorial, are the most exposed to danger, to death, to the most precarious circumstances that comes with existing in an unforgiving world if they are to survive in it.  Everything man needed to conquer nature and tame the beast came with the uncertainty that he may not survive another day.  To satisfy hunger he is to go into the wild and wrestle and kill his food.  To claim his right to life he is to fight nature by raising a gaudy structure that must withstand the biting winter or the burning sun or stand strongly against any unforetold natural.  To tame fire, he must conquer the forest.  To mold the world into his liking he must rid it of things that perpetually endangers living.  And with all of these pursuit remains one consequential constant, death.  He faces death every day and because of this fact, he knows it too well.

Man was able to dare and defy nature by the things he is equipped with among which are understanding, his faculty of reasoning, and the thing often overlooked but remain an important cog that reels the wheel of his biological drive, testosterone.  To be the god he had turn into and to prove worthy of it, it remain his duty to utilize, in effect, these natural abilities nature has equipped him in order to ensure his survival and keep shaping the world in his image, but there remains a caveat…

To quote ManWomanMyth, women are human beings and men are human doings.  Women are the valued sex in the society.  Underscoring women’s ethereal nature in the process, nature has made it so that they be protected and catered for in order for the human race to go on.  Women are the currency as well as the prize.  They are the journey as well as the end.  This painful reality is hidden within deepest recess of man’s mind.  He is the gender who must spend and win the prize, woman, simply in order to escape the depressing agony of contemplating his lot in life.  Somewhere in the dark recess of his mind, like a beast shackled in a dark room, he knows he has no value beyond that which he spends his sweat and energy because he’s been made to see himself as valueless and he must attain value through that which nature has made valuable.  Because of this view of himself, all his outward actions must tame the beast inside that yearns for freedom.  From anything that may be considered insignificant to him, to the very thing that means the most to him, he must defer to woman.  Whether that is picking the type of shirt to put on in the morning or picking the name for his newborn child, his decision must filter through the person he holds so much contempt.  The contempt men have for women isn’t vivid on the outset but when one look deeply, men truly in their hearts of heart, hates women.

The contempt man feels for woman flies in the face of his constant professed love and adoration to her.  Ask yourself, what commonalities are there in the character of all the men you have respect for.  I’m sure loyalty, honor, integrity, honesty, justice, intelligence, reason, ability, courage, are all words that came to mind.  Now ask yourself why men exclusively make up the sex endowed with such qualities.  The men who don these words in your heart of hearts are the ones who truly loves and the ones who you truly love.  They express the highest value in man which is why you respect them, which is why you love them.  These qualities are to be earned, not given.  They are to be earned, not handed over as some cheap goods.  These qualities are earned by the measure of a man’s product in accordance to his work.  The sex who exclusively harbor such qualities are men and because of their strict sense of justice, hates everything that is antithetical to these values.  If this is so, it follows that the one who cherish these values could rightfully demean the person (man or woman) whose action stand opposite to these values.  Evidently, women have none of the aforementioned qualities thereby making their actions stand opposite to these qualities men value.  Being the weaker sex women lack the reasoning facility as well as the physical ability to produce, in the tangible sense of the word.  Unlike man, who by nature and practice is a trader and a earner because he had to work and trade with other men to ensure survival, women, who never had to do any of these things because they are protected and provided for, have no sense of justice, lack the value that comes with earning, a byproduct of work and trade.  As a result, like children, women are, for the most part, liabilities in any society.  The lack of quality to earn could also answer women’s adept nature at deception because one who care less about earning cares very little for truth and justice.  Therefore, it should not be a surprise that the one who lacks the value of earning are consequently skillfully duplicitous in nature.  It is evident in the character of these types of people in their lack of remorse when caught in a lie or in expressed apathy when their dubious ways are pointed to them.  They lack any sense of shame that calls into question self-accountability.  Since they severely lack any sense of justice, they therefore lack an ability to express the bitterness and sense of shame that comes with betrayal of justice.  One can never show emotion towards a betrayal of something one never had. This is what women are in a nutshell.

Men have no qualms about throwing to the wolves the man among them who betray the qualities they naturally possess.  This is why, for example, men would show little to no remorse in another man’s death who receives due judgment for a crime he committed.  Women on the other hand would wail and feel sorry for such a man or woman.  This simply shows that these human qualities are so MAN that it shows in all their actions towards everything and everyone except in relation to women.  How so, one would ask.  Well, nature has made it so that this short, busty, small-waist, small shoulder, wide hip of a creature must be the source of his desire, she must be the height of his achievement while she equally represent the nadir of everything that stands opposite to the qualities he holds dear.  As if that isn’t enough, she must be the door to replication of his genes.  Even though he is man in every sense of the word, even though he is life in every sense, even though he is the atlas on which the axis of the world rest and rotates, even though he is the only value in every tangible sense of the word, even though he is the only one who knows love because he creates and earn, even though he is the only one who truly carries and produces life (sperm), he must have a vessel to realize the dream of bringing about the copy of himself before death took him.

Therefore, man stands at the precipice, in full view of his life and the world before him and finds he is lonely, confused, and weary.  Nature has betrayed him on every front and fire is brewing in the back.  No way to go but to set down and make the possible best of the hand he is dealt.  He must harness his natural ability to produce, to earn, to make the world in his image, but must first make room, out of necessity, for this creature who neither produce nor earn but who is just as important to his survival as his natural abilities.  I feel James Brown’s thoughts must have alluded to this the night those sweet lyrics connect with the creative genius of his mind, “This is a man’s world….This is a man’s world….This is a man’s world….but it’s nothing…nothing….without a woman or a girl…”

There arises man’s contempt for woman.  Her lot in his mind must be that of the beautiful, the pretty, the nurturing,..all nebulous and fable characteristics that holds no inherent meaning or value, all characteristics that knows nothing about earning, characteristics that must be given and handed out on a silver platter.  She relegated herself to it and he must accept it.  He knows nothing lasting could be built on such empty characteristics but he must accept it.  Hence why Camile Paglia, a feminist herself, said, “if civilization had been left in female hands we would still be living in grass huts.”  Women don’t earn, they therefore lack all the necessary characteristics and value earning.  Imagine the treatments you dole out to things you haven’t earned or deemed invaluable compared to the things you value and work for.  I bet your feelings for those things you value goes beyond “beautiful,” yet this are the type of words women relegated themselves to and the only thing useful about her that man is forced to accept as her duty.  You can always replace beauty, you can’t replace value.  For the things you have earned and value your feelings for them isn’t merely beauty, it is something inexplicable that reaches deep down in the depth and furiously spiral up tangling every which way with the 4D of that very thing that moves the mind.  It is value, and value is sacred.

So how come women are deemed valuable in society when they are not and how come men are deemed valueless when they are indeed the valuable and the price?  Well, as I’ve mentioned it boils down to women being the inherent source of man’s sexual desire and women’s natural ability to vessel man’s sperm.  But these are merely natural acts and instincts, aren’t they?  There’s no more value in them than there is in a cow pooping out a calf and fastidiously licking the placenta afterward before leaving it to either struggle to get up and survive or sit there and die.  The existing world as it is or was require the best value in men in order for it to take shape, and those values are the things men exclusively harbor.  Those are the qualities men value.  Those are the things men hold sacred.

So, if those are the things man value and love, and women comparatively lack, it means man can’t possibly love woman, not in the way he perceives love and not in the way that matters to him, and consequently she can’t love him back.  And if he can’t love her, he, therefore, holds contempt for her, mostly in the way he shows it.  Because if man loves woman he wouldn’t have infantilize her.  If man loves woman he wouldn’t have restricted her portion to the house.  He would have held her to the stand of the men he values and demand human decency in her character and dealings.  If man loves woman he wouldn’t have allowed her to cruise through human history without producing anything tangible or of worth.  If man loves woman he would’ve forced her to be side by side in his wars for their survival instead him fighting alone for both.  If man loves woman he would’ve forced her to evolve just like nature had forced him.  If man loves woman he wouldn’t have allowed her intelligence, even though nowhere on the level of the man, to sink deeper into degeneracy further making her bigger liability and thereby encouraging her base nature to flourish.  If man loves woman he wouldn’t have granted her unearned equality with himself causing human decency in her to further degenerate.  If man loves woman physical beauty wouldn’t be the first quality he sees in her.  If man love woman…

He treats her as such because he doesn’t love her, and that is because she hasn’t deserved it, and she hasn’t deserved it because she hasn’t earned it.

And so it goes…

Lacking in all that man naturally value and hold dear, woman, because she doesn’t earn, hold a special place of contempt in man’s heart that is only to be shown in the way he lets her happily make a mockery of the things he value.  Everything is given to her and everything is taken by her, thereby making man’s heavy load twice as hard to bare and twice as cumbersome.  Even more so, he had to endure the degeneracy of character that comes with her full embrace of her base nature, and by enduring it he makes her worse because enduring it encourages her.

This brings me to the caveat I started with.  Man alone, because he had to go out and earn, knows what love truly is because the qualities he holds dear represents love to a man and since woman severely lack these qualities he can’t possibly love her and she can’t possibly love him.  Because she lack the qualities that equates love she doesn’t know love.  It is a common theme in MGTOW that women don’t know love, not even in the least sense of the word.  Man, however, knows love, but since this unloving creature is to be his prize, the height of his desire, the mother of his children, he is unable to face the reality that she knows no love, only conditional adoration.  Man had to lie to himself and, just like that gaudy structure he raised against unloving nature, he must create the illusion of love so as to satiate the beast within.  Absence of this illusion is to bring man face to face with loneliness and because of his keen knowledge of loneliness, and because he knows death (the loneliest thing there is) more than anything, mainly because he’s constantly had to face it, he is to avoid the reality at all cost even if that cost is enduring woman.  He merely endures her.  He, therefore uphold this carefully created illusion that she is just as capable of love, that she is just as capable of giving love, that she is just as deserving of love.  By doing this, he debases and devalue himself constantly, compromising the values he holds dare every step of the way, consequently, in eventuality, making her his superior.


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