MGTOW minded men are not Bachelors


There seems to be this wide array of confusion from people’s ignorance of MGTOW and its philosophy, mainly because the waters has been mucked and clouded by misinformation and infiltrators, that MGTOW men are merely bachelors.  It’s the usual attempt from people not in tune with MGTOW to degenerate it as something of none importance and thereby shame MGTOW men as a lesser hateful version of bachelorism.   They usually lump this classification with the familiar shaming that MGTOW is only full of men who hates women; that MGTOW men are a bunch of misogynists.  Isn’t that beautiful…that any presentation of dissent ideas from the widely, and often blindly, accepted ones must mean the hatred of the later in their small minds.

First and foremost, MGTOW minded men do not hate women.  Opting to understand something fully and letting that understanding prompt one’s action is not hatred.  MGTOW minded men do not hate women, they merely chose to understand women, men, and society at large.

According to the dictionary, a bachelor simply means an unmarried man.  That is it.  Comparatively, since MGTOW men, due to their deep understanding of women and the female nature as well as the gynocentric society they found themselves,  have chosen to perpetually stay unmarried, they must also be bachelors.  This couldn’t be any farther from the truth since the key difference between a bachelor and a MGTOW is the reason that brought about their chosen states and their respective actions that spring from it.  Both perhaps chose to remain unmarried because they love their freedom, which is an important reason, for one of MGTOW men’s important message is freedom, however, for a MGTOW minded man it goes way deeper than that.  It goes deeper than merely making a choice to remain unmarried because he loves his freedom.

In the first place, let’s look at your typical bachelor, his state of mind, and his actions.  Your typical bachelor’s understanding of women is ethereally limited.  Comparatively, is understanding of women isn’t very different from that of the traditional man in a traditional marriage who, despite being aware of different gamuts of risk involved, would still get married because of the deep-seated fear of dying alone.  The traditional man is able to rationalize these different risks in his mind, unfortunately to his own potential detriment.  The only difference is that the bachelor has the courage to say no to the sham of marriage sold to him by society.  The only difference between the married man and the bachelor is the courage to say no.  While that is not a quality to sneeze at, not much besides this quality differentiates a bachelor from the traditional man.  Their knowledge of the risks involved in marriage is pretty much the same, only that one is willing to pull the plunger while the other one stands pat.

Secondly, how about his actions?  Your typical bachelor, based on his limited understanding of much else, is still a willing slave to the gynocentric society he finds himself.  He’d still willingly select himself as the sacrificial lamb in the face of perceived danger to save a woman.  He’d be the one to give up his seat to a woman on the bus, open doors for a woman, pull out chairs on dates, help a woman carry something heavy, placate to her needs and cries, would without any hesitation club another man to death at some perceived injustice against a woman.  Additionally, your typical bachelor would act first and ask questions later.  He’s embedded and well versed in the day to day garrulousness of society and its dirty political scene.  He is in tune with the definition of self-image and sense of self but strives to derive both from others.  The base instinct is still very dominant within him.  He broke one chain but he’s not truly free.  The collective mindset which caters to society; to the group, and to the greater good of others in place of his own greater good abounds very much in him.  He escapes the shackles of marriage but he’s still fastened to many chains?  He deals with women but doesn’t truly understand women.  He’s only certain that any prolonged or permanent official association with them is a detriment to his own cherished freedom.  That is your typical bachelor.

MGTOW minded men are significantly different.  MGTOW isn’t men merely choosing to be bachelors or refusing to get married. Not getting married is merely MGTOW 101. There is nothing special about that.  What MGTOW has done since its inception in 2008 is lift the veil on women’s nature, strip it of all clothes history has afforded it and shone a light on it. It’s looking into how women truly see men, as disposable utilities, and to see how women view masculinity, and most importantly to see women for exactly for what they are. But more than that, it’s looking deeply into the male nature and understand better its triggers in relation to the female human and how the former could be better equipped when dealing with the later if he chooses.

Likewise, MGTOW is about recognizing one’s disposibility, not only in relation to woman, but in relation to society, and extrapolating a rational action from that understanding.  A MGTOW minded man refuses to be of service to no one or to any society but only to himself or to the people he rationally chooses to be of service.  His decisions are rigidly rooted in rationality and he objectively weighs his action in relation to others and in other’s relations to him.  He understands very well the gynocentrism that rules the society he found himself but he refuses to let it rule his mental domain.  A MGTOW minded man ask questions first and act later because intelligence and rationality are the kernel of his life.  Unlike your typical bachelor, he upholds obligations to no one except those obligations he owes himself.  He doesn’t go to war to die for anyone.  He doesn’t insert himself in danger to save a woman.  He doesn’t willingly dispose himself at society’s beck and call because his life and freedom are his number one priority.  The group-think that dominates the feminine colored society stands opposite to his own individuality.  He does not derive a sense of self and validation from women or from society.  Thefore, the MGTOW minded man is the highest order of men.

Collectively, MGTOW is an indifferent approach to an understanding of male disposibility and the understanding the human nature as it relates to its gender’s relation to one another.  This is men coming together online to understand, banter, and share ideas.  Individually, MGTOW is a response to that understanding, it’s a walking away. No hate, No anger.  Just walking away.

To paint a philosophical picture, your average traditionalist out there pulls the plunger by getting married, the bachelor stands pat at the plunger refusing to touch it, the MGTOW minded man turns right around and walk away.  That, to me, is the big difference between the three.


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