♂ Emphasis Of Strategies ♂ |by Jessie Nagy


How does one boycott something? You point all the bad aspects of something & also persuade a mass to disregard something. Much of what M.G.T.O.W.(+) emphasizes is the point of taking themselves out of the gynocentric equation to boycott & devalue gynocentrism. This is related to what I have been emphasizing to such groups – to leave the whole humanities field by switching to a mostly neuroscientific interest to basically boycott Feminism & its associates.
The humanities field mostly consists of things as politics, opinions, aesthetics, current events, superficial history, superficial sociology, etc..
By stopping addressing Feminism, or its associations, & establishing entirely newer axioms – when we switch to that, there’s really no way that Feminists, poseurs, chivalrists, etc., can use the same typical deflections because that’s all mostly stuff that is also derived from the humanities. We would be taking away that entire frame of reference.

Unfortunately, I have experienced only a very small amount of neuroscience with MGTOW.

There’s absolutely no way that Feminists, etc., ( other than with some very rare cases of a Trad-con/Feminist type of hybrid, Louann Brizendine) can counter neuroscience because they can’t even begin to slightly speak the same language, other than making themselves look really bad & only relying on inflated, fake jargon.

I learned from experience that sending such content to female m.r.a.s is a bad idea because they actually slandered my content. What I type about shatters their thought process & that scares them.

One of the best ways to promote your own content is by aggravating others by not directly calling their names. You counter their arguments only, but by not naming their labels. This agitates them to make refutations – “A Response To Such-&-Such Researcher”, while simultaneously promoting your research because by ignoring their labels, names, etc., yet indirectly debating their arguments, they will have a desire to try to get your attention & to also specifically target you.

By addressing them on their level, you’re still largely being ordained by them.

To understand what direction we can use, please read my article, ‘Switching From Indifference To Ideaism.’

As m.g.t.o.w. & related disseminate to as many sectors as possible, it’s going to get more & more difficult to track every single space & call it a hate-space, etc.. I wouldn’t even put a label like m.g.t.o.w., but just call it scientific, rational, realism, logic, that you love knowledge, etc.. make it harder & harder for others to just put you to silly dismissals.


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