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Laugh to this article all you want. The truth still remains.

How is any of this relevant?
The film ‘Lost In Translation’ has had massive appeal to the indie/punk/hippy/hipster/”Mtv.”-idiot. It’s as disgusting as ’50 Shades Of Greed’, but rather than depicting the “vicious guard dog”/abused masculinity process – him keeping quiet about his competition to give all to her, this film is the fluffier rendition, showing both the Flakey-Chick phenomena & narcissistic-whore phenemona.

‘Lost in Translation’ recieved critical acclaim & was nominated for 4 Academy Awards – feminine garbage encouraged.

The film is a story of a young woman, barely post teens, left in a hotel room by her husband in Tokyo. John, her husband, is on assignment for business matters. She is unsure of the future with him. Long story short, because it’s not a very intellectual movie anyway – just barbarism, & it’s the typical lack of talent just dramatized a certain way, the rest of the film basically shows her flirting with a novel older loser in the entire film. Her whole “deep” experience is that she is torn with this “struggle” of whether to continue, or go back to being a fucking “Mtv.”-bitch, while she’s on vacation, she’s entertained, she’s  mingling, & partying in the trendy bars. This is just one aspect of the average female.

“But how could you take something like a movie so seriously”, you might ask. Well, because this is a pattern. It’s permeated in the pop. culture.

This movie is like a tattoo that young people have on their arms, right next to the Smashing-Pumpkins, etc., because the “cinematography is so amazing, soundtrack is great, & the girl is cute”, while these idiots completely disregard that it’s depicting nothing more than female psychology – disgusting. Her inability to corroborate with at least some methodology is basically praised because the disloyalty, the narcissism, & her flakey-ness is delivered in a very presentable manner.

The “Mtv.”-idiots who don’t even necessarily subscribe to that product still subscribes to that archetype, that pattern.

I don’t know if this is directed by a man or woman, but, again, because it’s missed, it is an instance of how female nature is accepted, excused, & condoned because it’s delivered in a cute way.

It’s why the band, Interpol can sing: “She was my bed-time sex-toy”, but if another guy does that, who isn’t doing stupid, popular things, like wasting money on marijuana, or other mediocre things, he’s seen as a “pervert” or “harassing.” It’s why some loser, Kurt Cobain is seen as a “hero” for his stupid actions, but if another guy does a harmless immature joke, he’s seen as a “dirt bag”. The pick-up-artist, RSDTyler, who I despise, proves this in the documentary: ‘Hidden Cam Reveals How Women Judge Men! Women’s Double Standard EXPOSED! (+Infield)’.

Realists, recognize these “Mtv.” idiots for what they are, gentlemen – nothing more than fucking sex-traitors, & they are just as much your enemy as the feminists & other gynocentrists. They would “throw you under a bus” to get access to whores, & they do things like perform songs for them, waste $40.00 on alcohol bottles, write poems for them, waste $80.00 on fancy looking jeans, etc., just to be with these whores.

Having immature people define you as intense so that you can use that to imply that others have to compare themselves to you against those who know/experience (data is recorded experience, & I’m not referring to stuff that sounds interesting, but doesn’t really mean anything, ) is irrelevant.

I used to be associated to these types, which is really just feminine, & I dealt with others by the merits of their characters, not by how they dressed, what genres they subscribed to, etc., & those types noticed that I was mostly indifferent to what styles others subscribed to, so they called me too-nice.

The other major problem with the “Mtv.” idiot is that, naturally narcissistic, they take, because they’re contaminated by femininity, everything personally & an opportunity for an implied contest. This set me back a lot when I used to be bombarded with them, when I never even wanted to play their implied contest of who was the most superficial, dramatic, etc..

Since they only understand non-realist language, this is my attempt of sarcasm: Yeah, smoking marijuana makes you really smart, that’s why, as you’re doing your toddler scribbles, your father is doing all the technical stuff.

They have a term for what you idiots study. It’s called the humanities. Most of it isn’t even real science. I mean, sure, a lot of what I type isn’t super-technical, but it’s derived from something else than what those retards study.


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