Women Laugh To Male Experience | by Jessie Nagy

a female

The reality is is that males give them their fantasies.

We’ve been accepting that male sexuality has little value & female sexuality has immense value. The woman is not only getting free/cheaper housing & money, but also a hard dick, enjoying with the option that she can alter options anytime. She can get pregnant, take his house, his income & leave him – looters ( with the option of stating: “I had nothing to do with it. It’s the man’s role to lead”).

The man is getting sex but he takes a risk by giving the woman the option of enslaving him to herself via the State. The man is either a sex addict/entertainment addict with little control, so he takes those dangerous risks, or he was taught by society that he needs points by associating with a woman to validate whether he’s a “real man”, so he foolishly gets validation from a woman.

Women don’t know how to deal with sexuality, or even socializing, & because of that, allowing female sexuality & greed to be legal is like giving a small child matches in a dynamite storage.

“Alpha” & “beta” terms were created by men, but women originally inculcated them. What do women claim to like the most? “I love it when men just don’t give a fuck”. “I love a man who gets what he wants” – trap. This is basically a combination of stupid, dangerous, impulsive, etc.. Since these terms are set by the feminine, they have no real meaning. Being alpha has no relevance to the context of realism. & if you really want to entertain this feminine absurdity, everything of actual real importance was created by a “beta” male – the computer, spears, etc.. The most intelligent men know to be cautious of the traps women create. It’s not important as to how alpha you are because women ultimately consume societies & degrade masculinity. The terms “alpha” & “beta” are more commonly associated with studying lions, etc., & I think it’s very interesting that females actually resemble wild animals much more so. By even taking these terms seriously ( & the other sub-terms – sigma, zeta, etc.), you’re only insulting masculinity by allowing women to simplify it.

Just a normal morning in the office consists of women fueling their anger, constant bitchiness, surging unchecked emotions, ego-attaining & fashion war so wild, even huddling together in the bathrooms, it disorganizes the staff. You think that women go to the bathroom together to share nice things? No. There’s a reason it’s done secretly.

Working in t.v., a business-women, Samantha Bricks, had her business ruined by petty fighting of women – alpha-&-beta mentality. Familiar? Think of the very brief female Amazonian society.  Sure, men fight, but it’s usually because of more monumental things, or it’s the mistake they sometimes make. These issues that Samantha Brick experienced were by women causing drama due to some of the most trivial things, & this is how women degrade form, systems, etc.. Also very much what female sexuality is – very ugly & venomous, while pure male sexuality is actually quite beautiful. Have you ever noticed how women have a fascination with men who are angrily involved in a struggle of other women trying to capture him with so much politics. – the collectivist thinking that if other women want him, the she also should want him. Women are constantly insistent on such trivial things as an irritated or confused look, & will actually ruin a man’s experience because of her inability to deal properly with reality. “Alpha” is really just the process of masculinity losing the capacity for rational thought. The more you deal with wild animals, the more absent from civilized society you become.

I noticed this when I was a teenager, & didn’t really want to have anything to do with notions of “alpha” or “beta”.  Some people would call me a “sigma” male.

There’s little constructiveness with females. It’s a lot of fake flattery, then manipulation, etc., when they’re away from each other. & this accounts for their projected excusatory locution they use on males  they like to use  to evade when they get bored or repulsed by a male. Perhaps you, as a male, are not that familiar with it because it is likely that it has been uttered in secret amongt their gossiping consensus before they’ve decided to end a relationship with you via telephone call or some other indirect means. That locution is “he put me on a pedestal”.

Females have a completely different form of speech first of all; what they say is not necessarily in conformity to their nature. Females speak in suggestive speech. It’s not the same sort of terse honesty that males share.

One of  the reasons females use this distinctively female phrase, “he put me on a pedestal” to rid what is to them a pest is because, to females, the way a male implies that there is enough is an implicit offer that cheapens a female’s sexuality. This way of placing her as more of a peer is actually the apposite of “putting her on a pedestal”.You have to remember that female “logic” is often backwards, &, because they have so much power in society, they often inculcate backward meaning. What that phrase reveals is how they treat others, in addition to the fact that females take romance for granted because females have the luxury of waiting for more offers to quickly monopolize. Their solipsistic vantage restricts them from understanding the energy used that appears to be weakness. Females thrive off of socializing by fake flattery. In fact, all that is required in many cases for a female to be “right”, in the case of a male shattering her thought process with brutal truth, is for her to go to her consensus for emotional support. It’s the quantity of how many compliments & opinions she will get from her group that will “prove the other person was wrong”. In a female’s mind a male “putting her on a pedestal” is interpreted as something potentially “ungenuine” because that is how females thrive in their friendships, so they are often perplexed by something they often can’t do – being honest, which leads to their presumption of a parasitic male.

Often disregarding what costs was required for that male to get power, females are basically obsessed with power, either in the case of utilizing it from a pragmatic  male, or in the case of aligning herself with another, so when they dismiss a male for “putting her on a pedestal”, it’s because she takes it as weakness from him. This unfortunate trap that males experience is due to males being gullible to female illogical language. Our entire society revolves around this gullibility. It’s called gynocentrism.

Her source of her power comes from her sex. She can’t totally control her utility if that male cheapens her sexuality. Only a certain type of male is allowed to do that – a brute, but not a proper male. In other words: If you get a scratch on your knee, she will cheat on you with a primitive with a 12 inch penis & then end it with you via skype. This statement is interchangeable because it is both metaphorical & often realistic.

I just recently approached a female – very tall, cute, blonde face, sporty body. I usually don’t go for masculine women, but this one was extremely sexy. I actually prefer hyper-effeminate women, & they generally have to look a very specific way – porcelain skin tone with a sort of “purplish” glow to it, if you can understand, piercing blue, green, or “silver” eyes, dark or red hair, & petite body. When I was in that situation, I was operating by ” women love it when you just don’t give a fuck”. That’s not really accurate. So what I did was the “relating approach” as an authoritarian teacher. I Flirted, I exchanged the basics  – location, etc., etc., got a little bit of her bio., then I gave her a brave fact, telling her that I’m not aggressive because I was not circumcised, nor have an indifferent passion. She later then sent me a text that “talking about dicks doesn’t turn me on”. I wasn’t stating that specifically to turn her on, I was trying to establish an adult foundation. She also took a scene out of context on purpose, claiming that she saw me yelling at a woman at a gas station, & she looked miserable. That local lady always looked miserable, & I didn’t even do what she claimed. It wasn’t even about her. It was about me. What she was actually trying to do, to which I replied to her as well, was trying to find excuses to make me seem like I was a hypocrite or a bad guy because she didn’t like my unique approach – the supposed, “women love it when you don’t give a fuck.” I then ended it by stating: “You’re going to get on your stupid little Twatter profile, or whatever, & type: “LOL, I just got schooled by a guy brave enough to not act on a woman’s level”. “Don’t bother replying because I don’t get infected by femininity, you fucking Mtv.-idiot”


We can boycott gynocentrism with technology – a masculine product. Feminine is down. Masculine is up. By giving the realities of psychology, sexology, & nature, we can alarm the ignorant. Current events, politics, superficial history – that’s just left or right. It goes nowhere. Gynocentrism is inappropriate for the mechanised world. Let’s seriously employ tactics as strategies of memetic warfare. Not a content producer? That’s fine. You don’t have to be. You can post info. in as many spaces as possible, do readings of comrades’ works & crediting them, etc.. One tactic I have discovered to be very effective is to start a group on social networking sites posing as something popular, wait for many thousands to join, then suddenly announce, we have recently changed to a psychology study group, with lots of pro-male content replacing what was there before. There are many other tactics I can list & have used, however, you should try thinking of more. The time for going the way of liking things privately, etc., is over. We have to resort to tactics now. I’ve even posted such content on porn sites, even posing as ‘Dominant Male Teacher Fantasy Gets Really heated’, which was really just me doing a vlog of some controversial truth, & I put it with a category of a “kink”. You can go on dating sites like P.O.F., Ok-Cupid, etc., make an alias profile posing as a woman, only because that would catch more attention, put in the bio/description a bunch of criticism with links to MGTOW videos. In a span of 24 hrs., 70-8o males responded with thankful concern. Just some tactics.



‘CatfightsOver Handbags & Tears In The Toilet. When This Producer Launched A Women-Only TV Company She Thought She Kissed Goodbye To Conflict’ | by Samantha Brick, April 7, 2009 | Daily-Mail-dot-co-dot-uk

‘Lawer Tells Rape Trial Jury Women Are ‘Good’ At Lying And Society Is Upset’ | by Hedon April 22, 2017 | mgtow-underground-railroad-dot-com


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