Depression in male vs female brain


One new study that confirms what previous studies on the subject have concluded, that girls suffer more depression than boys, shed a bit more light on the subject in a recent research done in the UK.  In order assess the neurological effect of depression in the male and female brain, researchers exposed depressed adolescent to happy or sad words and imagined their brains.  They found that depression has different effect on the brain activity of male subjects versus the female subjects especially in certain brain region like the supramarginal gyrus, precuneus cortex, and lateral occipital cortex.   It was concluded, just as studies prior conclude, that by age 15, girls are twice as likely to suffer from depression as boys.  Reasons for why this is is vague and an attempt to achieve clarification on it could prove a difficult task mainly because it would strain scientific research to consider all varied factors that may be responsible for the discrepancies such as hormonal changes, genetic factors, and so on.  All in all, it was said that young girls suffer depression at the same age than their male counterparts.

However, unlike their younger version, the result is starkly different when it comes to adults, “men are more liable to suffer from persistent depression, whereas in women depression tends to be more episodic,” explains Jie-Yu Chuang, a researcher at the University of Cambridge.  And as many suicide statistical analyses has revealed to us over the years, men commit suicide at a higher rate than women, “compared with women, depressed men are also more likely to suffer serious consequences from their depression, such as substance abuse and suicide.”


So why isn’t this treated as the epidemic phenomenon that it truly is?  Why isn’t it treated as the big deal that it is?  Why isn’t anyone doing anything about it?  Why isn’t it all over the media like cancer?  Well, while the answer to those questions may elude an average person, we in the MGTOW sphere are well aware of the reason.  Gynocentrism has been the driving force behind all disregarded and unacknowledged tragedies that have befallen men since the beginning of time.  To put this into mathematical perspective, men are 97% of combat fatalities, men pay 97% of alimony, men make 94% of work suicides, men make up 93% of work fatalities, men make up 81% of all war deaths, 80% of all suicides are men, 77% of homicide victims are men, men are over twice as victimized by strangers as women, men are 165% more likely to be convicted than women, men get 63% longer sentences than women for the same crime, 80% of the homeless are men,…

Even though I hate using stats, mainly because anybody could make up a number and slap it on anything in an attempt to buttress their point, every single data and study found on the aforementioned issues all result in similar numbers.  If you don’t believe them, all you need to do is take a look around you.  All evidence validate these statistical data.  Take homelessness for example, when was the last time you came across a homeless woman?  Most homeless shelters wouldn’t even take men and the ones that admits men would always consider women first and foremost if the decision comes down to both gender.  Why?  Because the disposable gender in a gynocentric society is the male and his primary role to society is to serve, not taken care of when in dire need of it.  In contrast, the female human is the treasured gender.  You ever wonder why even in studies of issues that affect men the most such as depression and suicide, their effects on women are still most important to consider, “Despite this, so far, most researches have focused on depression in women.”

Despite the lies that have been sold to men throughout human history that they are the privileged gender, viva la Patriarchy!, the truth actually tells a very different story when the effort is made to look deeper into it.  What is even sad in my opinion is that women themselves know this, hence why they don’t want men to find out.  Women know they are the privileged class, perhaps the most privileged class in human history.

Imagine that.  In the west where the usual narrative painted of Muslim countries are of oppressed and battered women who are denied rights and forced to wear hijab, beaten and forced to submit to their husbands, you have these women saying this.  You see the coy smile behind the done-up faces as if they know that they are and have been getting away with a better deal.  How do the boys fair in those countries, you asked?  Well, consider this, the reason why the “oppressed” women graduate at a higher rate than their male counterparts in these “oppressed women” countries isn’t only that education is geared towards the feminine, young boys are sent to war while girls are sent to school.  Women know they are pampered and they want to continue to be pampered.  They know they are the privileged class and wants to remain as such.  One rule of thumb for men to keep in mind at all times is that women have primitive minds and compared to the fully evolved and refined mind of the man, a woman’s mind is utterly selfish and knows no justice .  To experience the female human is to experience half of humanity who failed to evolve beyond their warped manipulative minds of how utilize men for their immediate benefit.  The environmental pressures, the cause of all evolution, that forced the man to evolve and develop into the ideal man, spared the human female, and as a result she stride forward digging deeper in her degeneracy in a world where little is demanded of her.

Part of what MGTOW is is uncovering the female nature, lifting the veil history has afforded her, putting her visceral nature in front of her as a medium of reflection of how base she truly is.  If you are perspicacious enough to look deeper there is nothing fair about what we’ve been duped to consider as the “fairer sex.”

The role academia has played in perpetuating this lie is evidenced in the study referenced here.  See, the way I see society is that blue pill men serve women, women serve corporations, corporations serve the government, the government who in turn persecute and enslave men.  And since the government owns academia, it shouldn’t be a surprise that little financial aide is put into studies of issues that mostly affect men because revealing to a slave his condition is counterproductive to the goal of squeezing every last drop of humanity from his body.  Instead, academia continue to dole out these incomplete awfully researched work, perhaps to say that they did something or perhaps to fake semblance of balance in order to further delude the masses or to fake efforts.  Whatever it is, it’s lazy work.  Instead of recruiting the same number of male adolescent and female adolescent patients for the study in the same age range, 82 females and only 24 males were recruited.  Even a kindergarten could see this skewed numbers could only produce a very flawed study.  To arrive at a conclusion that depression is more common among girls when you only recruited 24 male adolescents compared to 84 females for the neurological experiment is asinine.  How this pass for a reputable research is beyond me but this is the state we are in, gentlemen.

Note:  Funny how lung cancer, which has the lowest survival rate and affect men to a greater degree, gets little to no mention in the media, yet we are forced to suffer through pink ribbons for breast cancer all through the media.  Everything is female, gentlemen, and I’m afraid to say it’s only going to get worse…

Depression Affects Male and Female Brains Differently. (2013, July 13). Retrieved July 15, 2017, from
Neuroscience News



One thought on “Depression in male vs female brain

  1. Attention: “………..11 to 18 years of age, they recruited 82 females and only 24 males. Even a kindergarten could see this skewed numbers could only result in a very flawed study. To arrive at a conclusion that depression is more common among girls when you only recruited 24 male adolescents to 84 females for a neurological experiment is asinine…..” Seems like a typo with the first set being 82 then it’s 84, but anyway, I get the point. I’m not a pedantic woman. ¶ Part of the reason for that recruiting of males only being a lot less than females is because society doesn’t encourage males to express their experiences. One only needs to look at all the “beta” shaming, etc., especially to the slander of MGTOW as “psychopaths”, etc.. I have an anecdote & it is an integral one, especially because females are prone to being much more relatively similar to each other. Last female I was with claimed to be potentially getting therapy because she said that a guy who came before me just had her for a date & then didn’t want her anymore. When males report on much more serious matters than that, we know what happens.


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