Females Ruin Masculinity | by Jessie Nagy


The cliche of these females as trailer-trash is wrong. These women come from many different classes, from psychiatrists to others, & this is not something that’s just a small, little trend.

& I will start it with a paraphrase from a psychologist, William James – Dismissal reflects the strange arrogance with which the wildest materialist speculations persist in calling themselves “science.”

There are chapters I have given regarding issues of boys, such as the fact that, contrary to pop. culture myths, boys are not failing schools, but schools are actually failing boys because boys have a nature of learning by hands-on methods – how to fix a bicycle, etc., rather than gossip, etc., with the feminized schools.

The Kinsey Institute found in 2006 that the average vagina can be many different shapes & sizes. With that stated, have you ever considered that maybe a woman just has a big vagina? What I mean is consider that women are the ones with problems.

I’m teaching this – what is not taught in academia for obvious reasons, because males are often taking these intricate level classes & become a soulless business-man of some sort, only to lose it all, or a large percentage of it, to some woman with personality disorders, ranging of various kinds, which he envisioned was some nicely breasted “nirvana”, when the reality is is that women will not stop to say “thank you”, & that by committing suicide with her sweater to hang yourself with, she will rush to the scene screaming: “No, my favorite sweater” – deceptive, parasitical, psychopathic .

The following is some pieces of just SOME aspects of the MANY different types of personality disorders that females have, as well as the desires that women tend to have which is only possible in micro instances of news stories & sensationalism, etc.. It was taken from another terrible article published by The Guardian by Denise Mina Entitled ‘Why Are Women Drawn To Men Behind Bars.’  You can investigate that badly typed article yourself. I have excluded the extra commentary, the bad science that would cause one to make superficial conclusions & provided only the essential points. There’s even an attempt of trying to find “positive” aspects about them. It’s truly astounding how much mental gymnastics people will use to defend the negative tendencies of female nature. Some excerpts:

This is not an isolated desire, & that many women actually send pornographic pictures to these evil, ill men.

It is obviously difficult to meet incarcerated men. Many women write letters before entering. They may even take voluntary jobs in prison, or go on visits to them they only know by reputation.

The infamous attract them. Women see glamour. Richard Ramire’z bride became in love with him after seeing his picture in the newspaper.  

Some will say” Not all women are like that.” Well, there is some validity to that: This is not a problem exclusive to women. This is actually a very common youth-expression. There’s even entire hardcore punk bands & related making tributes to these men because they’re all associating with females &, with all their supposed “bravery” of doing EASY acts on stage, none of “Mtv.”  idiots have the bravery to tell those females that they’re just disgusting whores. Whether it’s tight-pants wearing “pretty boys” or not, you can find it with many things. They will reverse it & try to state there’s something wrong with you for analyzing this. It’s absolutely absurd how far they will go to try to be accepted by whores.

Rapist murderers have attracted gangs of admiring groupies. John Wayne Gacy, raped & murdered 30 men, got married while waiting death penalty.

One reason is that his murder is “her” murder that is latent with her.

Two middle-aged Christian women became bored with with their marriages & eventually opted for men in prison. Both were attacked.

They’re excited by the violence & the conduct disorders.

Bobby Lee Harris attracted a woman. he was a prisoner with an IQ of 75 who had murdered. 

Ian Huntley, murdered schoolgirls, receives BUNDLES of fan-mail a EVERY WEEK – many containing photographs.

Now, take the interaction of males & females away from the domain of prison. What do you get? You get your average anti-masculinity/disposability that expects men to act in fluid ways. It puts masculinity in a state of distress. I have even heard (Oh no, it’s an anecdote) from my doctor that stress can cause ulcers.

We need to stop obsessing with proving our worth to females.

Many men are actually paying for a form of “motherly” companionship (not of incest) – some wonderful female affection. It’s different from just sex. It’s something else entirely that the female can’t even understand because of how negative they actually are. Society tells us this one goal, out of many, makes us “weak”. We hope that they are kind, inviting, warm, & someone we can show our realistic self to, but the truth is is that females simply hate this aspect about you, or will think lesser of you for it, & many forms of reality anyway. Women don’t like to live in reality. They like to live in la-la land, & don’t realize there is no boogey-man (other than the ones they masturbate to). It is a very disgusting place, & it seems you’re the only one on that path.

Males can’t bring themselves to discern other females, so what happens is that males replace critiques on other males – “try harder in being something unreal”, bash on other males, attack them (in some cases, even kill them). Realizing females for what they are will help liberate males.

The system is designed for males to not have solitude & not being fine with staying your true, unique self. The social structure basically wants you to feel incomplete & even thriving with your insecurity – of being a loner, of being bald, of being muscular, of having the right paint-job on your car, of continuing to have sex even after you’re not a virgin, etc., because, remember, you are not allowed a shred of realistic masculinity. It is a society that stifles the spirit of men with mass production of articles of “man-up”, etc.. They simply will not admit that this is a result of women’s unhealthy tendencies. Women do not like men for them. They like them for the la-la land that you can give them, whether it’s excitement, some type of naive sex, or stuff to waste your money on. Women have no understanding of true masculinity outside of the scope of the illusion they want, & so the transaction occurs of mass assembly lines of mostly artificiality. Even if you are providing what they want, she will still continue testing you with her negativity, & even if you give that to her, there will still be her personality disorders. Allowing males to employ their realistic aspects is not “getting in touch with their feminine sides”. That very concept proves that society wrongly believes that any realistic aspect is a sign of being “weak”. It’s just like how many mistake having a calm personality for “shy.” It’s just another way of shaming males that females do not have to take, when that shame should be given to her. Men should be allowed to explore their true identities, & take away the monopoly that women have on their realistic aspects – mostly personality disorders. Yes, males have historically given external order – pillars of stamina, but what about the internal organic?

Talking about what it is to be a “real man,” expected by females & shared by the common is irrelevant. It’s like talking about dinosaurs, or something. There’s too many problems that women are creating to be excused by what they deem as a “real man”, etc..

Finding solace in a woman’s bosom is a perfectly healthy, mature, good thing, but not really to her. As for the supposed claim that many hybristophiliacs want to change the bad man to good, which is highly doubtful, I have a somewhat of a contrasting desire – to make women realize, eventually, that it’s perfectly healthy & a good thing for men to have it as one goal to make a woman appreciate his TRUE self, not some delusional, unreal thing.

Stop debating with people who have defenses. The message should be spread to other fields, especially Junior High boys before entering high school.

I have read a very long time ago about how some female legislatures wanted to put some kind of limitations on pornography made by men, claiming it causes bad interaction with women. Really? You want to claim that after all the dramatic “man up” garbage that is found in the romance novels – porn – of women, relegating men to actually little boys? With self Esteemed studies, women can get almost anything they want, but, actually, there’s been reputable studies (see reference section) that pornography actually has a calming effect on males.

Females say, get over your hang-ups. They need to get over they’re hang-ups because they’re more prone to operating on archaic means.

Have you ever noticed how males who associate with females long enough usually become some irrational, basic, fruitless, primal, or moody cunt? ( &, by the way, Feminism has had different versions for thousands of years without the name of Feminism, proving that you can still have feminine adoption without being female & that you can still have Feminist tendencies while still claiming to be “anti-feminist”)

Nah, all women want is a polite guy, unlike her (latent) impulse, with a methodology. I know this because a woman told me, so it must be true – not.



‘Stand By Your Manhood’ by Peter Lloyd, pg. 35, 47


2 thoughts on “Females Ruin Masculinity | by Jessie Nagy

  1. ♂ The extremely controversial article by Ian Miles Cheong, entitled: ‘Google Researcher: Porn Featuring Violence Against Women Is More Popular Among Women Than Men’ concludes that porn has actually helped as a scientific tool to reveal the truth. Of course, you know how to search for it. (The points are missed. I’m not “frail.” B.D.S.M. is not “extreme”. It’s just bad sex. Most everything set by the feminine is clumsy & awkward.) It proves that women are too delusional to even know how to accept realistic masculinity. ¶ One of the reasons, of many, for the feminine fascination with cruel sexuality is it’s a way for her to gain more than just sex. Of her mind, she can become a “better” person. It’s a way for her to desensitize her morality to have harsher experiences & enhance her megalomania. Women are constantly seeking more because they are so greedy, & that combined with the fact that females have a wrong understanding of what masculinity is or should be, is one of society’s major problems. It also accounts for the infertility problem of highly intelligent people – because they are waiting, picking, & fleeing for something unreal or unlikely to get. They waste so much time. Thanks to that medieval chivalry, many males guard those whores by bashing other males. ¶ The older Feminism was about choices for females. The newer Feminism focuses on buzz-words like “objectification”, which is actually them trying to dictate others’ choices, but the contradictory thing about women, because they don’t even know how sex works, what masculinity is about, or how reality works, is that women naturally have a fascination with, as proven in the Google research article, with much more unskilled,juvenile type of sexuality than males are, so, largely, the objectification left for them to denigrate is just more proper/organic male sexuality – nice-guy shaming, etc., & the remaining fact that most of what women say, which is not even limited to Feminism, isn’t even anything real. ♂


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