Science: Fem. Are More “Macho” Than M. | by Jessie Nagy


They think that misogynists just have “mommy issues” No – more accurately, (not the psychopathic kind) they know a lot more about the psychology, while some only know about the superficial sociology & legal parts.
A long-term study conducted by Oxford University followed from 1958 with 20,000 children found that those with a father had decreased likelihood of doing crime or having mental illness. They also did better in schools. Dr. Paul Ramchandani of imperial college London found that disengaged father-child interaction as early as the third month of life predict problems when children get older.
Consider the expectations that societies have for men to work harder combined with women starting divorces most of the time.
In 2012 British substance misuse charity Addiction published that boys deficit of the father had later ‘counterfeit masculinity.’ That ‘counterfeit masculinity’ is influenced by the feminine, &, interestingly enough, is also a parallel of male to female interaction of other contexts as well, which I will prove further, so who’s really the ones with mommy-issues?

I am absolutely obsessed, & so should you be, so make it go viral, as they say, with an article entitled: ‘Google Researcher: Porn Featuring Violence Against Women Is More Popular Among Women Than Men’. The original data compiling was by Seth Stephens Davidowitz. However, the article on that was by Ian Miles Cheong. There’s some books that are extremely important. However, that single article just consisting of one page states more than entire books. It’s the first of its kind (at least to my introduction anyway) that accurately quantifies female sexuality. IT IS NOT A PART OF MOST MALE PSYCHOLOGY. ( There’s probably a few rare cases of a “mom’s son wearing her (as a fetish) clothes & cosmetics, somehow signing in her account, then searching for violent sex that he likes, not her,” or the case of a “dog eating a girl’s homework, then as an act of rebellion, the girl, not for sexual gratification, types for violent porn.” Aside from those rare cases, you get the point.) It’s ~99% accurate. Surveys & questioning groups still leaves answers that are indirect, incomplete, & even just lies. With google quantification – real data, you can’t really have that. You can conduct science experiments on the brain, but you can’t really conduct precise science experiments on the subjective. It’s impossible: A person can tell you about a dream, but, also due to the possibility of exaggerating, etc., you could not know what that dream was really like. With data quantification of what is searched for, it’s the most accurate you’re going to get about the female desires.

The blogger: Hedon has given a ground-breaking article with newer insight on it: ‘Female Hybristophilia: Porn Featuring Violence Against Women Is More Popular Among Women Than Men.’ He states that females did not actually evolve to the same degree as males did because it was males who were doing most of the exploring, discovery, hunting, etc. Environmental pressures were much more for males, which also made them more civil. For women, their evolution could be considered a relatively minimal degree.

It’s very strange that SOME males got that type of sexuality out of their system of the primal inceptions because, as you know much less when you begin something, there’s a lot of groping in the dark, &, yet, females still have this type of belligerent sexuality more than most males.

The reason that females have not followed male civility to the same level is because their essence, of it’s core, was/is different, with no amount of environmental pressures seriously compelling her to change her burdensome psychology drastically.
The chromosomal basis is basic. Of other mammals & humans, there are two varieties of sex chromosomes: X & Y. When union of Sperm & ovum occurs to form a zygote, each inherits 1 of 2 possible combinations of sex chromosomes. One who inherits 2 X chromosomes, one from each parent, develops as female. A male develops from a zygote containing X & Y chromosomes.
When meiosis happens in gonads (f. ovaries & m. testes), the two sex chromosomes segregate, & each gamete receives one. Each ovum contains one X chromosome. A male produces sperm of two categories, based on sex chromosomes: 50% of sperm cells contain a Y chromosome, & 50% an X. It’s possible to trace the sex of each offspring to the instance of conception: if an ovum is fertilized by a sperm cell bearing an X chromosome, the zygote is XX. If an ovum is fertilized by a sperm containing Y, the zygote is XY
Ten weeks age of the human embryo begins anatomical evidence of sex. Before, rudiments of gonads are generic – that is, either or potential, depending on hormonal conditions of an embryo. Which of the two possibilities is dependent of presence or absence of a Y chromosome, & it’s probably a small region of the Y chromosome that consults masculinity. The gene named Sry, for sex-determining region Y gene, was identified by a Britsh research team in 1990. The single gene seems to be required for the development of testes. With absence of Sry, gonads develop to ovaries. They emphasized that presence of it is just a trigger. The physiological, anatomical, biochemical factors of sex are complex, & many genes are involved. It’s probable that Sry codes for a protein that regulates other genes, but these control mechanisms are not yet certain.
Although chromosomes determine sex of most species, The X-Y mechanism is only one of several mechanisms. Ants & bees don’t have special sex chromosomes, yet sex has a chromosomal basis. Males develop from unfertilized eggs, which are haploid. Females from fertilized, diploid.

The reason why females evolved differently, &, also, to a lesser degree than males, is because, purely, their brains & physiology is different. It required different cognition, even from the most primal beginnings, to make the choices to have the masculine discovery, exploration, hunting, etc.. Females didn’t choose that, because, by the original core, the female cognition didn’t have females choosing to be more objective. So the point is not whether males are dominant or not because males are often “more dominant” because females’ cognition is different – subjective – & makes them have a silly idea of what masculinity is.

It’s not a “dick measuring contest” when I report of the differences of sexes. It’s to pose the question: why are you a fictional character made by the feminine? That very projection of a “dick measuring contest” proves that other males are locked in the feminine rating by their delusions. I only report on the scientific differences of male & female to mostly point that females have collectivized an immature consummation. What is really meant when females state tall, DARK, & handsome. Really think about the middle description of the latter.

Currently, men compete for sexual selection. I don’t because I know the traps & How to use other “secret doors.” I don’t have to because I can actually pick by sort of going “library hunting.” I see a pretty girl I like, I flirt a little, get her condensed bio. quickly, include a little interesting fact or two, get her basics – age, location, etc., then make myself look extra controlling of my life by giving her the choice to act quickly with stating “I’m in a rush……. but let me get you’re number & we can continue later.” She has to make a choice. If she says no, she’s lame. If she says yes, she’s either a(n) (indoor/shy) slut, more willing to follow instructions of masculinity, &/or just happy that I gave her the attention without implying more. If she gives me a fake number, she’s manipulative, & I already got that out. If she’s flaky, she can just mostly be flaky on the phone, saving me a lot of time. I know how to apply hypergamy on her for myself. After I tell her: “I really want to see you tonight, come meet me, never on dating – I don’t “take them out”. I get in, get out. I coerce it by hacking the mating rituals.

Females Imply: “Go, Action”. The way the postmodern male does it is by trying to state: “Look at how much virility I have.” (These guys are so stupid. They often hate/fear the police officers because of the aesthetics of the tribal badges.) I skip a lot of whats done.
Consider the slovenly (not of looks) Mtv. whore with elitist “Mime” complexes, who have never done anything even remotely impressive. What constitutes as harrasshment to the feminine/postmodern definitions? Since hybristophilia is very much an aspect of female sexuality, “harrassment” is often, although not always, simply the apposite of the derivatives of hybristophilia.

With mainly cognitive & some other science, I actually try to limit my reports of evo.-psyche., not because of “anti-science”, but because it causes enchanting solutions & also brings in all the wrong people. With the political types: the left states: “sex is not organic, & the behavior is only due to social conditioning”. The right states: “Sex is organic. However, let’s not apply serious critiques & discernment, because that’s too misogynistic, of further female psychology. Instead, just try to become a real-man” – continuing to reinforce female subjectivity. How can a man be “real” if it’s determined by a mind operating on the subjective? I’m not typing that the left & the right are the same. I’m typing that they’re both 2 sides of the “same coin.” When the feminist left is refuted, it changes shape, calling itself a newer wave. When the right realizes just some superficial aspects, Women change shape again, masking: “I’m just a good traditionalist woman” – repeating the cycle.
The whole point of this is not to make axioms that evolution made men more dominant, that was mostly in the very beginnings anyway, which females are basically still stuck on. The point is that evolution ( or, rather, lack of for the female compared to the degree of male) had women experience their cognition to be subjective. Male cognition evolved to be more & more objective.

Yes, it’s males with bad ideas who start wars, but they are the same as incarcerated males – a minority of masculinity. Women even used to give white feathers as a symbol of cowardice for evading being shipped to military duty. It’s like slut-shaming, but reversed, & slut-shaming is mostly done by other females anyway.

Chivalry means putting the other first. The very definition of alpha is first, but of most male to female interaction, whether it’s ’50 Shades Of Greed’ or ‘Cinderalla’, the male is second to her, so the term “alpha male” is irrelevant.
Of humans, men have shorter longevity & greater telomere shortening, proving that the former pop. culture idea is a self-absorbed feminine one & completely divorced from reality,  & that is why females should be more supportive of masculinity. I don’t mean that of a Feminist way of them trying to control reality. I mean that of the way that they should be washing dishes & giving foot massages, etc., to males.
The “patriarchy” doesn’t exist the way feminism defines it with CEOs, politicians, men of lots of power & responsibility because the lobby groups to that, when it comes to male to female issues, which mostly translates to female issues, women have more powerful lobbying. Even if there was a patriarchy, it’s been mostly a gynocentric one.

It’s an addiction for many men. You know that it alters your positive state, but do so anyway by compulsion.

Women say: “Is this just sex to you?/if you’re obvious, I won’t like you.” It’s because women think of men as something they’re really not. Don’t be something you’re not.

So, conclusively, it’s not about being a fictitious, subjective, feminine character. Instead, we implement that most females are vindictive, pretentious, are mostly just good for breeding & following instructions, & just stop any of their silly opportunistic ways.



Aging Cell (2011) 10, Blackwell Publishing Ltd/Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, pp913-921, School of Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia Norwich Research Park, UK, Sex differences in telomeres and lifespan, Emma L. B. Barrett and David S. Richardson

Biology – Third Edition, Neil A. Campbell, pgs. 288 & 289

Female Hybristophilia: Porn Featuring Violence Against Women Is More Popular Among Women Than Men by Hedon

Stand By Your Manhood by Peter Lloyd, pgs. 166,167, 214


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