Tradcons, Hurricane Harvey

FireShot Screen Capture #062 - 'Matt Walsh on Twitter_ _Woman cradles and protects child_ Man carr_' - twitter_com_MattWalshBlog_status_9021798288913

Gentlemen, be a witness to a recent example of how when a dire situation arises, when chaos strike, women and their tradcon men call for men’s sacrifice.  In such situations they would instantaneously forget the advantages feminism and gender equality they incessantly cry for has granted them over years, how in doing so they have crippled men’s collective soul through rights and financial asphyxiation, how their severely warped views are slowly drawing society closer to degradation and collapse.  It’s men who still must pick up the slacks and help the poor women…let’s make up now and go back to the way things used to be when men are the protectors and women are merely damsels in distress.

MGTOW men are fully aware that the siren call of women to men to come to their rescue in time of chaos is a hollow one.  It wouldn’t matter if the man in the picture had drowned in the process of saving her and the kid.  As long as they survive, he’s the hero, aka a slave.

You are not a slave.  Don’t protect women.


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