Elitism and self-censorship in MGTOW


Consider the following sentences…

  1. “The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.” (Briffault’s law)
  2. “Marriage is a contractual union between man and woman for the sole purpose of reproduction where the man is required (by the woman) to financially care for woman and child.”
  3. “Relationship is merely a sex-for-resources union between men and women where women’s parasitic nature requires financially bleeding the man to the bone for an access to her golden vagina.”
  4. “Meh, women only want men for their money.”
  5. “All women are whores.”

These are some phrases you’d see in the MGTOW community in one fashion or another used to nail home the point on the reality of male/female relationships and its dynamics.  However, a worrisome trend is furtively showing itself where the men who parrot phrase number 5 are derided by men who parrot phrase 1-4.  Now, if we are to deal honestly in our assessment of all five sentences, our conclusion would prove us right in saying that all five sentences are saying basically the same thing, just in different ways and in different manners.  The concatenate theme between the five sentences is basically that men and women relationship is, in fact, a legally sanctioned prostitution where capital, serving as provision and protection, is exchanged for sex (a very lopsided transaction but that’s a topic for another day).  Plainly referring to it as what it is, prostitution, isn’t only too grim a truth when revealed, it is counterproductive to the governing bodies that greatly benefit from this unnatural union.  Because let’s face it, marriage and relationships have proven to be that honeycomb in the pot of multi-billion dollar industries across the world.  Therefore, because the relationship between men and women is simply a transaction of money for sex, makes it in essence prostitution.  This truth, however, must be clothed in lies and delusion of romantic love and soulmate where the manipulated man, to his own detriment, believes he has secure forever his own vagina so long as he continues to be the man she wants him to be.  Based on all that has been said so far, the ostensible truth is that women are whores, strumpets, sluts, and men are johns, pigs, or whatever else name is out there.  It’s prostitution and all four sentences at the beginning of this article are simply saying the same thing.

Now, it’s a rather common theme online to see reverence and praise automatically granted the man who colloquially expresses with calm rationality the first four sentences while the man who yells phrase number 5 is sardonically snickered at and shamed even though both men are ultimately saying the same thing.  Anger and rage suddenly invalidate the second man and his points ONLY because of how he said it or the ill-advised manner in which he said it.  As to the reason behind what he said?  No…that is unimportant.  He is just a little bit too loud and obnoxious for us astute gentlemen over here.  However, ask both men the reason behind their statements and their reasons would be very similar if not the same because the premise of what they are saying is pretty much the same.  The second man, even though unable to express his feelings in what is considered acceptable and normal, has had similar life experiences with women as the first man for him to come to a harsh conclusion that yes, women are whores.  So why are his comments lauded as invalid while the first man’s comment is not only accepted, it is put up as the measuring bar of what the community should aspire to?  Could it be because that WE over here are a bit worried about how we may be perceived by outsiders and women?  Could it be that we are a bit afraid of that any association with the character over there calling himself a MGTOW would lend a small credence to the shaming dolled towards the community?  So the man over there is derided and exempt, and as humans are naturally collectivists, the first man would soon find himself, aided by his newly found fame and popularity among the group, siding with his audience against the second man.

Rage and anger, as well as calm demeanor, should never be barometers for intelligence, ever, at least for any man who is perspicacious enough to see through bullshit sometimes.  I always err on the side of caution when I hear a man speak so smooth without a stumble, speak so calm with no emotion, and speak with such charm that people flood to him.  It’s always advisable to take a second look or at least wait.  Like Henry David Thoreau said, “The civilized man is a more experienced and wiser savage.”  Ultimately, what is important is reason.  Before you judge a man based on his presentation or how he looks, ask yourself if what he said is reasonable, and if he’s able to explain the reason behind his words, and if those reasons make sense, you would then be in the right to judge him accordingly.  But to castigate a man based on his appearance or his presentation before judging reason, just because he may be a little bit louder with words, is a mark of a dunce, and online is inundated with this kind, the pseudo-intellectuals who immediately bill you as irrational and stupid if you don’t say something in a way they consider acceptable and normal.  In most cases, I’m not impressed by these pseudo-intellectuals.  I’ve come across more sense at construction sites than I have in most classrooms.

MGTOW is about men, any man whose deep understanding of it dovetails well with its ideals and the lifestyle it requires.  Men from all walks of life, men from all over the world (gynocentrism isn’t nation-bound), men of all ages, men of all experiences,…and because of our unique experiences with women and our experiences in a world that is hell bent on making use of men’s utilities, we’ve come together to banter and share those experiences in our relentless quest for truth and our individual reaction from the realization of that truth is walking away.  The man who is able to express himself in a calm manner isn’t going his way any more than the man who, perhaps because of the stage he is at in going his own way, is a bit loud.  To shut him up, to degrade him, to deride him, without hearing his reason first and foremost is actually against what I feel MGTOW is about because at the realization of how the world sees men, as disposable utility, your remote concern as a MGTOW should be how you or the community may be perceived if you associate with the man over there.  Women’s opinion becomes completely irrelevant which is why care is important to take.  Once they start heaping praise your way while telling you that you are the type of MGTOW they like because you are nothing like that MGTOW over there that is angry, you may want to look over your shoulder and check your blind spot.

PS: I’ve gone back and forth on this issue but I came to a needed conclusion, after much contemplation, that concerns and varied experiences of men going their own way are equally valid and the last thing MGTOW should do is indulge in elitism and self-censorship.


9 thoughts on “Elitism and self-censorship in MGTOW

  1. ♂ Hmm, interesting. ¶ I’m still continuing to make that article you made on females enjoying violent porn much more go viral. You’ll hear mention of it in one of Turd Flinging Monkey’s new video on hybristophilia & hypergamy. It was just recently posted on like 9/7/17, I think. ¶ The funny thing is: I was actually trying to deliver that message in a more casual way, & there were all these semantic misunderstandings on my message to T.F.M.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ♂ I wonder if you will make any commentary on T.F.M.’s interpretation of that message I gave him that was originally inspired by your article on it. I don’t think mine was much different than your’s, so his commentary on it is directed towards both of us. I especially hope you would do something in his domain. ♂


      1. Here is the thing, I’m not a fan of TFM content and i haven’t been for a very long time. Because of that, i don’t watch or comment on his videos. I don’t particularly consider him bright, however much so he tries to portray himself. He’s not someone i respect mainly because i think his content is pretentious and geared towards certain demographics that enjoy such drivel. He does what he does and I do what I do. I appreciate that you share my articles but when it comes to responding to tfm response i’d rather not.

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    1. He is very much a traditionalist who constantly parrot MGTOW philosophy to satiate his true desire. He’s the type of person that would dump the entire MGTOW thing and probably even get married if the laws are changed to favor men. His xenophobia is based entirely on how other races of men and ethnic groups are “taking” his/their precious white women. He’s mad white women aren’t making babies with white men, hence the constant panic on his channel about decreasing white population. His content therefore appeal to groups like the alt-rights and other degenerates who pretty much feel the same and hold such grievances.


      1. ♂ That’s mostly what I gathered with all the “faggot”, “man-up” stuff on his space, although he didn’t directly say it, that’s what it translates to – total nonsense. ¶ He completely missed my point that women are the motivational factor that makes men obsessed with survival mechanisms, which stops more abstract, technical thought. It’s not a “balance.” It’s an infection. ♂


  2. I have never considered TFM a MGTOW like myself….I think he is a very dangerous and psychotic piece of shit

    And you’re right, I’ve seen enough of TFM’s content to know that if the law changed to stop favoring women, he would dump the MGTOW label in an instant


  3. I think you are correct. A platform based on calling women whores, albeit accurate, is harder to gain political influence with. Not that we have a chance with any other wording. All must bow to the angel goddesses. Tfm is not so bad. He is doing a great job at normalizing sex dolls. His sex doll having 500 followers on instagram is hilarious.


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