The Evil Thrall of Traditionalism


In order for a traditional marriage to work…no no no…for there to even be a male-female relationship it requires the male to kowtow to the frivolous intellectual bankruptcy of the female.  And since, according to Briffault’s law, the female decides the mating conditions in the animal kingdom, man’s reasoning must capitulate to her whims and instincts if she must become the subject of his sexual attraction.  Unlike a man, whose nature forces upon the diligent duty of contemplating life, its promise, and all its vicissitudes, whose immediate need to grapple with the big questions of life through deep thoughts and contemplation is implacable, the woman, as one could glimpse from the way she operates and interact, is only interested in the satisfaction of the present moment.  Her nature requires the present moment be not only subject of concern in her mind, it requires the present moment to be favorable, to be kitsch, or to put it in the terms she’d understand, to be happy happy happy happy.  Hence why the banalities of life are more so her business, her main concern, than man.  From birth to death, the latter of which claims no portion of her thoughts, she makes comfort her sole business in life and her nature recoils at anything that causes a shift in that set-course of her existence.  I use the word existence because compared to man who truly live life in its entirety woman merely exists and mere existence is contentment for her.  The sweeter juice extracted from the dark berries of a man’s life, she misses entirely.  In order to exist in perpetual happiness, alas beyond bounds of reality, her life requires perpetual delusion and the rejection of this very truth is merely one of many delusions she must live in.  Women can’t afford to bare the ugly dissipation of sorrow.

To any man reading this, have you ever sit across from a woman and wonder inwardly what she must be thinking?  I do and I do often.  Every time I’m sitting across from a woman, on a date or otherwise, I can’t help but look deeper, through the figure in front of me, past the makeup, the lip gloss, the mastered manipulative mannerisms, and with a strenuous attempt get a glimpse of what lays beyond all of that.  You know what I unfailingly see every single time, gentlemen?  Vastness, vast emptiness…a deep empty void that is enough to set into motion the type of gravitational pull strong enough to swallow you whole.  There is nothing there, and as a thinking man this often causes a great sadness.  You sit there and you can’t help but feel, literally, your dignity and self-respect slowly leaving your body mainly because of the keen awareness of the impending task to try to fill that bottomless hole, that vast emptiness.  You feel disgusted because now you’re aware of your every move, your receptive attitude towards hers, the pretentious smile now forced to be expressed to accommodate superficiality, the nod and the laugh that didn’t reach the esophagus, the coy flirtatious attempts that lead nowhere, and the vaudeville of it all.  Before you know it you’ve donned many masks within minutes of talking to her just to add more color to the stage she’s well too familiar as you vainly attempt to stare the ship back on its right course.  You sit there and the last thing you want to talk about is the superficial shit she’s concerned with.  You watch helplessly as she shuts down your repeated attempts to have any type of intellectual conversation, all the while she’s leaving out warning cues, as if to say if you insist on going in any other direction than the one she is set you’re inhibiting your access to the “treasured” orifice between her legs.  As a matter of fact, good luck getting anywhere sexually with the first attempt to trigger even a modicum of cogent thought in her small mind.  Intelligence and reason bores her.  They reveal, by their essence, things her nature aren’t made of.  They reveal certain truths and realities she’s spent her entire life running from.

Like one Pope beautifully stated, “Whether Women are equal to Men in their intellectual capacity, or not: If the Business of the Mind were nothing more than to contrive a dress; to invent a new fashion; to set off a bad face; to heighten the charms of a good one; to understand the economy of a tea-table; to manage an intrigue; to conduct a game at quadrille, and to lay out new plans of pleasure, pride and luxury; then women must be own’d to have a capacity not only equal but even superior to us.  But as the understanding of Man has infinitely higher objects to employ its speculations on, objects beyond the very aim of ablest women; their intellectual faculties are so evidently inferior to his, that I should think it an impertinence to take up any time to prove it.  Need we look any farther than their soft, simpering, silly faces to fathom the perceptible depth of their understandings?  View the whole sex round: Eternal smiles their emptiness betray, As shallow streams run dimpling all the way.”

So you play along, willingly diving deeper and deeper into that black hole of nothingness and before you know it you are devoid of thoughts and reason yourself.  Before you know it you are starting to enjoy the vast unthinking world she lives as your world of reason slowly erodes.  This is when she starts to be everything to you.  She starts to look better and better, her remarks start to impinge on your fragile ego, and you starts to enjoy the theatrics as well as your role in it.  Before you know it you start paying for the dates, taking her to fancy restaurants, taking her on vacations, buying things for her, complimenting her, attending to her needs, shelling out 7 grand on an engagement ring, getting married, protecting and providing like a slave, your disposability fully set in motion, all the while forgetting that everything started because you surrendered reason, something natural to man and completely void in woman, to the most unreasonable creature on earth.

This weekend, I went out with a girl one of my buddies hooked me up with, a beautiful 24-year-old in med school.  I mentioned her academic endeavors here to later make a point.  We had made plans to go out and she raved about this restaurant that luckily for me isn’t too far from my house.  Anyways, few hours before she arrived at my house, I texted her “Don’t forget your wallet, the bill may end up being separate.”  Yes, I am that guy.  I stopped paying for dates 6 years ago and it has served me well.  I didn’t get a reply to that particular text.  She later texted me to see if we’re still meeting up and I said yes, assuming she saw my earlier text and didn’t mind.  Now, to let you into my world a little, when I go on dates the last thing I expect at the end of it is sex…mainly because when I send these texts or when I make women pay their share on dates, I understand the reaction it may generate, so it’s better to not have any expectation of sex and only enjoy the night-out for its sake.  In addition, I tend do it for experimental purposes and at times, allow it to entertain me because why be frustrated at at something you did expect.  Surprisingly though, most times than not it works as a reverse psychology where these women become infatuated by my “straightforwardness” and no-nonsense attitude that they end up sleeping with me anyways.  On our way to the restaurant she self-congratulate herself on few occasions for being independent as a woman in mind and thoughts which I found a bit interesting.  We got to the restaurant that night, and she seemed a bit interesting especially at those moments I was successful in getting her to talk about her profession.  When the waiter came to ask if “together” or “separate” to checks, she gasped in surprise when I said “separate.”  When the waiter left, I said “what…” in response to the plastered look of surprise on her face.  “I thought men are supposed to pay,” she said.  I smiled, mainly because I had predicted this conversation and knew exactly where it was headed.  “Who made that rule?” I asked.  “It’s what people do,” she said.  “It’s how I was raised.” “Well, I was raised to pick up a check only for what I ate.” “I can’t believe this, are you serious?” “Yes.”  Then I said that is why I sent her a text earlier in the day about it because I wanted to avoid how she’s feeling right now, and because she didn’t respond I thought she was OK with it.  She said she never got the text.  I picked up my phone to show her that I indeed sent it which she insisted she never got.  I then asked her what happened to the girl who is different and independent, what happened to the girl who do not give in to society’s pressure and do things for herself.  She said this is different, that it’s tradition for a man to pay, that it’s what people do, that she’s never had to pay for a date in her life, men always pick up the check.  As she perorate on about tradition and culture and men’s duty to pay, certain level of annoyance was brewing in me and I was growing impatient.  The drudgery task forced on men to try and make women grow up.

I smiled and asked her to give me one good reason I should pay for the food I didn’t eat.  She got quiet momentarily and then said it’s just how women are supposed to be treated, that women want to feel loved, secured, and protected.  I smiled to myself because hearing all of these as a MGTOW is shear entertainment.  I said what about what a man want, does any of his needs matter or is it just about what a woman want.  She smiled in surprise, shook her head, and said she should’ve known, that everything about me is logic, logic, logic, reason, reason, reason.  She said it’s weird and that I’m weird because everything isn’t just about logic and reason, that there are traditions and cultures and things people believe in, a way to do things.  I almost threw up in my mouth because her remark momentary remind me reasons behind my deep contempt for the human race.  Her repeated attempt to inculcate my taste for the illogical and for the unreasonable was shut down and out by my lack of interest in any favorable outcome and my lack of desire for sex at the end of the night.  As if to show her independent woman side and perhaps patronize me a little, she said “I don’t mind paying, I’m a doctor.”  I said she’s not a doctor yet but that’s all the more reason to pick up the check, perhaps for both of us, because she’s going to be making more money than me.  She sardonically sounded off eh! that is not going to happen!  I smiled and said Touche…

Many men don’t even stop to look beyond what they see.  They are readily swallowed whole by the void the moment they see a woman.  Any reasoning ability to trigger such thoughts is already surrendered, hence why many most men fit with women’s character like gloves.  He’s given everything away and he’s ready to give more even at the cost of his own life.  The moment reason is surrendered death is imminent…that of a man’s soul.  Before he realizes it he is her, not in body but in mind.  This is, in short, the story of many married men who are wage slaves, working soulless jobs, providing and protecting, living lives without a song, intellectual pursuit and personal goals completely stifled, dreams turned to dust, and forever running on autopilot like she does.  His world, now hers, is colored with delusion.  He enjoys his disposability and is completely given up to pleasure in unfreedom.  He becomes docile and a romantic in the face of a woman whose nature require his destruction.  His disposability means a comfortable and safe life for her, his pain is her pleasure, and because his well being is a remote concern of hers and because she’s naturally wicked and callous, she welcomes it.


Under a Barbarossa video, I came across a female youtuber’s comments that momentarily caught my attention.  Unlike the usual shaming from women and their manginas you often see under MGTOW videos, her comments even though full of shaming tactics reveal some uncomfortable truths many men refuse to face about women.  More importantly one could glimpse from her comments the brutal nature of women and you see it  in the delight she takes in the disposability of men of which women are culpable.


One thing men can always thank feminism for is that it revealed completely the female nature, strip it bare of all clothes history has afforded it and brought to light every lewd uncomfortable truth men refuse to see or admit about women, that she is a base, wicked, callous, and an opportunistic parasite that is there to take and take and take and nothing else.  It is fascinating, when it isn’t sad, to see men recoil in their delusion about women evidenced by these men’s constant effort to grant women veneration and status based solely on the fact that they are women.  When you talk to these men you grimace uncomfortably from a disquiet position as you witness the knotted confusing yarn of feminity these men are wrapped in.  The mere fact that women aren’t making any effort to hide this disgusting part of themselves, that they proudly and boldly display it, should show you how low men have relegated themselves.  Women know that they can do and profess with impunity the chimerical female thoughts because there’s no repercussion; they know men have donned fully what women have made them be.


I could literally feel the wheel turning in the brain of the aforementioned man as he reads the comment above.  I could feel his deluded mind putting in extra work to spin, via repression, the comment into a favorable light.  What is his mind telling him?  Not all women are like that.  Lol.  The male instinct for justice would make her comment repulsive to him but his potent tendency to venerate the female would negotiate with the cognitive dissonance at play and he would capitulate with ease like he always does.  These are the men that you often see shame MGTOW minded men.

I mean, she said it.  Plain as a day.  A “real” man is a man who understands his role in life (a slave).  He’s very happy (pleasure in unfreedom).  He handles all the bills and she has everything she wants (a slave in servitude).  Notice the occasional lols after these statements.  Those lols is a sardonic eye-wink that communicates to the men who understands and men who aren’t afraid to see truth for what it is, that she’s a traditionalist woman whose inherent felt superiority over a man demands that the man be her slave, her workhorse, and exist solely to serve her and make her life comfortable.  The traditional woman doesn’t request it, she demands it.


Unless you haven’t gotten the gist, there are no NWALTs (Not All Women Are Like That).  ALL women are like this woman.  Every single woman is like this.  Just because they don’t say it openly or display the behavior that’d make you suspect of it doesn’t mean they aren’t like this.  The propagandized male superiority or patriarchy is a myth; the biggest lie ever told in history.  Women are comfortable holding tightly to what is perceived as the subordinate role if it means they get all the benefits.  They are comfortable to allow the stupid man, to his own detriment, delude himself into thinking he’s truly in charge when in reality, she is,…and so she secretly thinks.



And she is absolutely correct.  Most women will never tell you the truth.  She’s emboldened not because of anything else but because she knows just as I and men like me know that there are hoards of unthinking men out there who have given up reason, who have let themselves be wrapped in the web their unthinking counterparts have set for them.  She knows just as I and men like me know that there are men out there who will never ever learn, not even when the truth is right in their faces.  She knows as well as I and men like me know that the world is gynocentric and the types of men I mentioned are the most gynocentric of them all.  She knows as well as I and men like me know that these men will deny, will refuse, and will continue to capitulate even to death if it means they get the validation ordained by women.  She knows as well as I and men like me know that many men are more than willing to sacrifice and throw their lives away, bow and kowtow to femininity if it means they get access to the golden vagina.  She is emboldened by the gynocentric society fortified by gynocentric men that beckons at her female call.  She is emboldened by all of these and I don’t blame her.  As one quote beautifully put it, “there are no dangerous women, only susceptible men.”


See, if you strip it of all the shaming embedded in it, you’d see the truth for what it is in her comment.  If only men would listen, if only they would open their eyes.  You are once again witnessing the cruel and callous nature of a parasite, but the contempt I hold isn’t so much against these women, they are merely taking advantage of what is given them, my contempt is against men who in their pathetic attempt to satisfy the flesh gave up completely the soul and let themselves be used and played like a fiddle.


Isn’t that great.  This is what women think of you men.  This is what they’ve always thought of you.  The fairer sex?  Think again.  The oppressed sex?  Think again.  Patriarchy?  Think again.  Men rule the world? Think again…


How have we gotten to this point where women, that creature that do not produce, earn, or create, but only take take take and take, isn’t only the subject of our veneration but she repays it with abject disdain?  The quote above is a traditionalist woman at her core and she spelled it out as plain as a day for the world and for all you men to see.


I remember seeing self-identifying MGTOW men in the same comment section with their righteous indignant replies, exasperated and completely agasped and disgusted that she’s saying the things she saying, that SHE has no integrity.  These men have the right to be disgusted but if only these men had taken a step back and think for a moment about what she’s saying, they’d realize how much truth there is to the things she’s saying and more truth in the things she isn’t saying.  Some of these men are the same men that would look you straight in the eye and tell you that not all women are like this, not all women think the way she does.  These men’s inability to truly see women for what they are is what is most disgusting.


Her hypergamous nature


Now, in the horrific event of Las Vegas where Stephen Paddock shot and killed 59 people and injured over 500 more of the people attending a Jason Aldin music concert, all from his hotel room, I came across one of the victims’ wife’s testimony.  Heather Melton testified about how her life was spared because her husband protected her by shielding her body with his, and began to take to his body the bullets that were meant for her, “he protected me,” she said.  “He saved my life.”


But gentlemen, the second half of that statement wasn’t included because you know if she were to spell it out fully it would reveal the sinister and malign nature of male/female relationship.  The full statement would’ve gone something like this, “He saved my life with his,” or to put it more bluntly, “he saved my life by throwing his away.”  The inherent worthlessness men feel is what makes them so disposable.  See, a man is a utility, a mere doing, something to be used and discarded, which is why he must prove, to women’s and society’s satisfaction, over and over again his usefulness and his worth and if that comes at the cost of his own life, the better.  It’s why men sign up for the military to needlessly throw away their lives in wars that kill them and other men and why women were never forced to engage in it.  It’s why Jack willingly died for Rose in Titanic, a scene that unsurprisingly moist the nether lips of women across the world.  It’s why Jesus chose to die for people that couldn’t give two shits about him, and it’s why Sonny, in this story, took bullets to the body and died for Heather.  And when it’s not death of the body, it’s usually death of the soul, which men does in droves either through marriage or through long-term relationships or through proving themselves as the men women see as “the real man.”  See, men are worthless and therefore are disposable and history has proven this over and over again.  Heather later recalled, “Sonny helped me through probably the most difficult time in my life,” she said. “So I always say he saved me once, and now he has saved me again.”  Of course he did.

To put it succinctly, this is the harsh reality of men who gave up reason for the sole purpose of sex and companionship.  I often wonder where civilization would be presently if men’s natural need for pursuit of greatness isn’t dominated or marginalized by our dogged sexual desire.  How many more geniuses would the world have produced?  How many more great minds would’ve transcended our present civilization into something beyond our wildest dreams and imagination?  How many more Nikola Tesla would’ve been born?  How many more Einstein would’ve roam the world?  We’d never know.  Since nature’s course isn’t particularly set on intelligence or the betterment of the world but simply reproduction, the female, that unthinking creature, a loyal serviceable agent for nature’s purpose, would continue to exert, with purpose, the energy that drowns man’s spirit.  Her way seeks destruction and the unthinking man is bound to gladly welcome it.

“What else is a woman but a foe to a friendship, a cosmic punishment, a necessary evil, a natural temptation, a desirable calamity, a domestic peril, a delectable detriment, a deadly fascination, a painted Ill!  Therefore, if it be a sin to divorce her when she ought to be kept, it is indeed a necessary torture; for either we commit adultery by divorcing her, or we must endure daily strife.”


Effron, L. (17, October 5). Las Vegas shooting: Surgeon whose husband died shielding her from gunfire says ‘he saved my life’. Retrieved October 7, 2017, from

Devlin, R. F. (207). HE FEMININE SEXUAL COUNTER – REVOLUTION AND ITS LIMITATIONS., 1-25. Retrieved October 7, 2017, from




10 thoughts on “The Evil Thrall of Traditionalism

  1. 1. *”have you ever sAt across from a woman and wonderED inwardly what she must be thinking?”. (and more)
    2. Did you notify this YouTube commentator of your post about her? She might want to come here and participate in the discussion.
    3. That man did not sacrifice himself because he felt unworthy, or worthless, or that he had to prove anything. You missed the whole point. It’s about LOVE. Sure, she could have tried to throw him off of her and save HIS life, but then they would probably BOTH end up dead.


    1. First of all, thanks for the correction. I’m aware my articles have grammatical errors. As long as you and others get what I try to say, it’s all that matters.

      To your second point, what purpose would that serve? The last thing I want to do is banter with someone who make such comments. I have absolutely no interest in engaging in any type of dialogue with her.

      If I’d read your third point first I wouldn’t have bothered to reply because I can’t begin explain how ignorant it is. Willful ignorance because it’s precisely what this article is about. Ask yourself, where was her love for him in this situation? She should’ve shown it by prying her body away from him and tell him to save himself while she does the same. That would be the best display of true love on her part but that didn’t happen did it? Your argument is one sided as it’s always is with women. In short, women don’t love men…women love what men can do for them. Case in point.


      1. ad 1. No problem.
        ad 2. Well, you gave her name, which technically can be seen as targeted shaming. Since you lynched a specific someone, it would be reasonable to let them defend themselves. Does not matter whether you are right or wrong.
        ad 3. Like I said – they could “fight over” who dies, which might have led to both of them dying. Do you know the background of these people? It would be worth considering. She probably didn’t just use him as a meat shield. Sometimes women are smaller and weaker and it might be hard for them to overthrow someone who body slams them. However, as your whole blog post revealed – your mind is made up, so this really has no point… You must have your reasons for believing in what you believe in. “In short, women don’t love men…women love what men can do for them.” You might wanna try therapy. Not to burst your bubble, but the world is not 100% the same in every thing.


      2. This isn’t really related to the article, Hedon, but I just wanted to say that you should always maintain your blog, especially for bouncing ideas around, even though you claim to disengage when you encounter guys like T.F.M.. I know it’s most likely an annoyance thing, rather than a “sensitive” thing, but still, there’s only like a handful, & there’s still those who don’t quite get even in the “manosphere”, like how TFM is mostl pea-cocking his way as “alpha.” The funny thing is is that whores have already put him in the “pathetic”, etc., category for being a video game player who dabbles with some banal philosophy, &, yet, he still wants to be liked by them.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Unfortunately for you I have biology on my side and every palpable evidence proves that statement right that women don’t love men, women love what men can do for them. That fact is supported by biology. I understand it’s an uncomfortable truth to come to terms with but it is. Unlike you, emotion has absolutely no baring on my conclusion. The whole love concept is merely a term, among many, humans raised as some gaudy truth to help deal with harsh realities of life. I don’t deal in such delusion. Man’s “love” is devotion, woman’s is opportunistic. It’s as simple as that. Biology transcends time, place, and space, so it’s hundred percent the same everywhere and in everything that concern living entities on earth. Therapy? Look in the mirror.

      I realize you’re probably a woman and I already knew I won’t get anywhere with you. This is my last response.


      1. That , what I assume to be a lady, doesn’t get it: I will relive one of my anecdotes, which is 100% valid because females are prone to collectivism, that has been denied by the ignorant: I’m sure you’ve probably already read it, Hedon, but this is for hypocrite who claims “you” need therapy: Don’t be fooled by women “wanting success.” I remember when I started to FULLY learn the truth about female nature, I experienced a guy I knew, already successful, already sexually dominant, already “alpha,” he had his whore starting to cheat on him when his father died, & he had to pack his stuff to a separate place. We later go to eat. She sits across from me, her boyfriend next to her, she starts to rubbing her foot against my leg when he’s sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HER. I thought: you got to be joking me. THen I thought: Should I just tell him now of all the stuff she’s been doing? No. He’s going to transfer that apathy to frustration & attack me instead.
        Whenever I pointed this to all the “Mtv. fags,” (not homosexual. Originally it meant bundle of sticks anyway) they all just said I was bitter. Well, yeah. It’s called experiential learning.
        After I didn’t give in to this whore, she starts forming politics with other girls, claiming I was a shy, prude, nervous guy.
        That’s what female psychology is. They have personality disorders & bad egos, & turning yourself into an “alpha” male is just rewarding their personality disorders. They basically evolved to be psychopathic, which is why I’m not impressed with professionals who basically make sophisticated excuses for them by explaining evo-psyche. As soon as you get a “tiny little scratch on your knee,” you’re foundation is going to get ruined by her.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I can sum up your entire article here by saying that women are EVIL….That is a basic fact of life, and the sooner men realize that, the happier they will be, and not subject themselves to the mercy of such a heartless parasitic organism such as them

    I am also no fool, I’ve never believed in the NAWALT paradigm….There is no exception, they are all corrupt


  3. Excellent summary hedon. I hope you discuss in your other posts about the endless nagging that occurs after entrapment. If aliens would take them away, we would have great sexbots in five years and artificial wombs in twenty. We would not need malls and all the work of producing shiny things for them would be directed to leisure or space exploration.


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