Male consciousness in an emasculating world


The female mind = The feminine mind = An animal mind = Unevolved mind = An unconscious mind = Irrational mind

The male mind = Masculine mind = Conscious mind = fully evolved mind = Contemplative mind = Rational mind

The ongoing #metoo movement has prompted me to once again contemplate some deeper thoughts I once had about the female nature, specifically the female mind.  All humans, male and female, to varying degrees have the combination of both male and female mind.  The male mind is mostly exclusively found in men while the female mind is mostly exclusively found in women but everyone has elements of both, some more-so possess and express the opposite than others but everyone harbors them.  As simplified above the female mind is the feminine mind; the animal mind.  If we are to consider animal behavior, eating, sleeping, drinking, sex, raising children, and working (equivalence of foraging or hunting) would quickly be the words used to describe animal behavior.  Women do all of these all the time.  The feminine mind raises no expectation or desire beyond these base instincts that is geared towards safety and reproduction.  Likewise, there are some men who express these animal behaviors more than others despite harboring the male mind.  The male mind, however, is the masculine mind; a rational mind.  Unlike animals, thinking is distinctively human.  This is something the feminine mind is incapable of.  Masculinity is rational minded, logical, and goal oriented.  Many men have these qualities to a low degree, but virtually no women have them.  To put it in an evolutionary context, our prefrontal cortex is relatively new compared to our reptilian hind brain, so even though our prefrontal cortex has afforded us cognitive abilities that distinguish us from all other animals it often succumbs to our animalistic (feminine) instinct whenever possible.  Even though our reptilian brain is instrumental to the survival of the species because without it safety and reproduction would be the least concerns of humans, those survival instincts are pretty much useless and maybe even damaging in modern society.

Consciousness is pertinent to masculinity mainly because it’s the basis for true rationality and reality.  In its absence rationality doesn’t exist and the present state is then free to take any form expressed by its environment.  Individuality is lost and like a chameleon one easily morph with the larger population, and before one knows it one’s ideas and thoughts become part of the larger population and conformity becomes easy.  It’s a slippery slope.  To quote Virginia Woolf, “Once conform, once do what other people do because they do it, and a lethargy steals over all finer nerves and faculties of the soul.  She becomes all outer show and inward emptiness; dull callous, and indifferent.”  The dullness, callousness, and indifference mentioned by Woolf are byproducts of an engagement in tribalism which is at the core of the female mind.  In the absence of consciousness tribalism is the only thing left which is the basis for the feminine mind.  If a person has no consciousness then they would be unable to think for themselves, and in my opinion a person who cannot think for themselves is not “masculine.”  As an observable reality, women are very much more tribal than men and the reason for that is because they almost exclusively harbor the feminine mind than men.  This is evident in women’s behavior, in the way their minds are easily malleable and how their taste is often dictated by whims and happenings of the day.  You see it mostly in the way they chose men.  The subject of their attraction has no basis whatsoever in thought (because women don’t think), it is often dictated by other women’s approval of their subject.  He’s loved by other women, therefore he must be great.  At that point it doesn’t even matter if he’s a sociopath.  Tribalism is at the core of women’s existence, hence why women don’t create or invent and why I tend to look at women’s lives as insignificant on the grand scale of things.  Because in order to bring to pass any masculine driven reality or purpose, one must birth them in the dark recesses of the mind and one can’t simply do that without pulling away from the crowd.  Strong, purposeful emotions drive the individual to attain an enlightened understanding of reality.  It is like start-up current in a generator for industrial tools. The momentum created by such focused driving emotions pushes the masculine mind further in the painful quest for knowledge than feminine (often misplaced) emotions like affection, compassion, and happiness.  But of course, finely-pointed concentration, faith in reason, the will to truth, a desire for perfection, courage, determination, perseverance and other attributes also play important parts in the process.  It’s really sublime.  The “masculine mind,” to me, is the most notable feature of the male mind since it created philosophy, science, and civilization.  The burning desire for truth that forces the masculine to keep digging at the pockets of ignorance in the mind is completely exempt in women.  But who are we kidding anyway, truth is the least concern of women.

With consciousness, with rationality, one is able to effectively assess one’s behavior and therefore weigh their respective consequences against one’s decisions.  Even when an immoral act is committed with some element of consciousness, one could see how much more of an impact it tends to have.  Hence why men’s behavior sometimes seem more animalistic because it has more force, impact, and visibility.  And it has more force, impact, and visibility precisely because it has an element of consciousness in it.  That is, it is not entirely animal/unconscious.  Since men have some consciousness then they are able to be immoral.  The feminine mind, by contrast, is amoral.  It is neither moral nor immoral because it is not conscious.  Immorality is higher than amorality since it has some element of consciousness.  If the behavior were fully conscious, then it would be fully moral.  Therefore, because of women’s amorality women are able to commit evil acts with impunity.  Backed by gynocentrism and you could easily see how animalistic and base women’s inveterate behavior can be.  Consequence means nothing to a person who feels they are always in a just position to act unjustly.

Remember, if the mind is masculine then the behaviors would also be masculine.  There are very few women in history who, to a greater degree, harbor the masculine mind.  They are in fact so few you might as well call them unicorns.  Ayn Rand, Emily Bronte, Camille Paglia, and a couple others (whose names I can’t at the moment) are the only women one could confidently say had the masculine mind.  You could see it in the way these women construct ideas and how they put their thoughts, devoid of irrationality and emotion, to work.

Women’s group-think and their tribal nature are again seen in the current wave of the #metoo and #timesup movements.  Remember that the female mind, devoid of self, would identify with any purported statement that supports the narrative of some perceived injustice done to it no matter how unfounded its claims.  Women are able to do this because they are amoral and with the gynocentric culture that worship and grants all women’s wishes you could see how we arrived at this junction where men are seen as guilty until proven innocent.  Under the zeitgeist of the female worship in our society, we’ve come to know the kind of wreckage the feminine mind is capable of.  As with women, you’ve seen all the unthinking feminine minded men apologizing to women, prating away as women do, and supporting women’s movements.  I maintain that if a person has a masculine mind then they won’t have feminine interests, by definition.  All these men wouldn’t be interested in perpetuating their own oppression by feigning interest or showing actual interest in things that interest women, of which one is to dominate men.  As Oprah sonorously rounded up her famous speech at the Golden Globes, you see all those women and men on their feet bathing her in applause as their look of hope instantaneously ordained the next possible U.S president.  She piggybacked the women’s movement while waving the whip meant for men in front of the audience for full effect and applause rose to the heavens!

#timesup!  Time’s up for who?  For men.  For any man who dares to look “inappropriately” in a woman’s direction even though her cloth of choice is the most revealing kind.  Time’s up for who?  For men who dares to ask women on a date at work.  Time’s up for who?  For men who she finds undesirable.  Time’s up for who?  For any man in America.  Time’s up for who?  For men who fat-shame women.  Time’s up for who?  For men who breastfeed-shame women.  Time’s up for who?  For men who “objectify women.”  Time’s up for who?  For men who refuse to bow to the female goddess.   Amidst the raucous about sexual abuse victims is the weekly news of teenage underage boys being sexually abused by their female teachers.  But who cares about those boys anyways, their time’s up too!  Someone once remarked that living in America is an emasculating experience but I would widen that geographical map and say that living in the West is an emasculating experience.  It is demoralizing.  And if America is the leading nation as it has been for decades, it means the disease that is feminism which has festered in the land of the free is bound to contaminate every other land.  Male demonization used to be hidden behind TV screens in sitcoms and shows…but not anymore.  It’s in plain sight.  MGTOW predicted this long ago, and I maintain my recent prediction, that it’s about to be much worse for men.  The pervasive culture that keep on feeding the beast has no end in sight.  The only choice in front of men is to keep feeding that raging beast that is coming for them or go their own way.  Utterly.  Completely.


7 thoughts on “Male consciousness in an emasculating world

  1. Afghans know what they are doing when they blow up the unwanted schools for women we keep building there. It seems the few remaining patriarchal cultures are all on the enemy list.


  2. Sorry, hit send before I intended.
    So, I am a pussy. I could not have written my part formed ideas as well as you did. Almost everything you wrote is politically incorrect. And I agree in principle although I may have missed certain nuances.


  3. Hi
    Jessie nagy told me about your page. He also mentions that i could possibly submit articles in this page. please let me know more about it


      1. Thank you
        Are topics on male genetic diversity, cross genetic exchange and game theory okey?


      2. Absolutely. I actually encourage it. You could write about anything mgtow or male related, even articles that explore the general understanding of the human condition.


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