Chelsea Handler scold a man for wearing bathrobe in public

Thought I’d share this piece I came across earlier today.  The title pretty much says it all.  Want more proof of the female nature, female sense of entitlement, lack of responsibility, and deficient sense of justice, look no further.  Sadly I think this is pretty much, in snippet, what the future hold for men.

Here is Chelsea Handler scolding a man for wearing a bathrobe in a restaurant…


My attention stayed riveted to the men in the background, smiling.  Reverse the role of Chelsea and the man and I bet the last thing those men would be doing is standing back grinning.

Apparently a man cannot stay fully covered in a robe in public but women, even Chelsea herself, are allowed this…












Brave new world.



2 thoughts on “Chelsea Handler scold a man for wearing bathrobe in public

  1. This is what really pisses me off about western women, especially American women…..They want to put their “assets” and bodies on full display, yet they cry bloody murder the instant any man notices them, “Don’t look at me you pervert”, “learn self control you disgusting pig”

    It reminds me of the time I was at a family gathering at Xmas, and Chris Evans was topless on T.V and 2 females on my right, said things like “mmmmm now that’s a nice ass”, “he is so hot”, “yummy”, “he can park his shoes under my bed anytime”… I waited a bit, until some hot chick in a bikini walked past on some ad, and then I jokingly said pretty much the same thing about that chick
    They looked at me as if I was a disgusting insect or something and chastised me for my comments, so I said, “yeah but 2 minutes ago, you were doing the same thing to that guy on T.V!”

    Do you know what they said to me?……Come on have a guess……..I’ll never forget what they said, she blurted out “yeah but it’s not the same thing”

    Women are so freaking mentally deranged, that they can’t see the HYPOCRISY of their actions.. Women literally have no agency, no moral compass, and no sense of responsibility for their actions
    Their princess entitlement attitude permeates everything they do…..after all, I’m a woman, I have a vagina, I can do no wrong!

    Fuck em….It’s about time we confronted women with their bullshit, and just walk away, they are irredeemable

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  2. It’s sad to see that men are being pushed back to the point they can’t even wear a bathrobe, bothering no one in the process. To see a man relaxed and content is a major thorn in the eye of women.

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