MGTOW calls his bluff (by Crank)


You poor suckers can’t seem to stop talking about how trifling these hoes are, yet guys think it’s ok to let chicks touch them however and whenever they want, and chicks think they’re doing a guy a favor by touching them, and then guys get in trouble like clowns for flirting with a woman despite a woman giving herself the liberty to touch men however she wants.  Whenever a chick gropes me I pull their nipples and swipe their crotch, then they open their eyes really wide as if to say “oh no, you didn’t.”  I tell them don’t touch me if you don’t wan to be touched back.  And by the way that’s a perfect example of what we men did to ourselves.  We were so afraid of being called gay for having any principles and now we have no power.  If we correct a woman anywhere along those lines she can simply overlook her misconduct and call the man a faggot for having integrity.  Even guys are calling other guys faggots for turning chicks down and making their own principles, then they complain when a bitch gets away with doing something to them that she should’ve been arrested for.  Every week there’s a man in the news for something he said or did that offended a woman.  Meanwhile, female news anchors and TV hosts are saying things about men that men would be castrated for for saying about women.  But before you get outraged about that, take a moment to look at yourself and realize how much of a brainless zombie you are.  See, you are the same knucklehead that feels like a lucky guy and talks to your friends or coworkers about the bitch in a short skirt with the big tits that flirted with you.  That same bitch can not only chose to turn on you at any moment, she’s deciding what is harassment or what is offensive based on what she’s willing to accommodate or what is convenient for her.  If you are her type then she would make exceptions for you and accept what would otherwise be a violation and get you fired if you are not her type.  You of course are too stupid to have any self respect and remove yourself from that position of vulnerability.

If you insist on working in an environment where you’re at the mercy of political correctness and you have to walk on eggshells, don’t bitch about the game being rigged against you, and only when you get in trouble at that.  It’s you who are tolerating every bit of it and since you’re too much of a coward to publicly point out the behavior in women due to the fear of being called gay or a misogynist, don’t huddle in the corner amongst your buddies to whine about the world being against you.  Just shut the fuck up and drink your beer.  Not only does huddling in the corner with your buddies to talk about workplace injustice do nothing more than make it easier to live with the fact that you’re spending your hard earned money to slobber down your beer, no one else hears and no one else cares.  If you want anyone to give a shit, empower yourself by removing your head from under the foot or out of the asshole of the society institute you are helplessly mumbling about.  Put a little pride in your stride.  It’s better to be a hopeless leader than a hapless follower,…and a jackass at that.  Be bold.  Put your foot down.  Go your own way.  You’d be surprised at how many pussified male wimps would stop whimpering and suddenly become brave enough after you take the initiative by saying what they were thinking and doing what they wish they had the guts to do before you did it.

Also understand that men see getting women as an accomplishment and the ego boost he gets would prevent him from seeing that he had to do all the work to get this woman.  He doesn’t respect himself enough to see that all he’s doing is earning the privilege of being with someone who expects the benefits of being with him, while demanding him to live by her rules and be financially responsible for her after the breakup.  That same man would bitch about his woman for being unreasonable and irrational even though he was stupid enough not to realize that living by “the happy wife happy life” code and picking his battles meant that he was with a woman who was emotionally retarded.  While it’s part of human nature for men to be attracted to fertility and to think with their dicks, and for women to be attracted to power and strength, men don’t hold themselves to any standards as far as self respect.  Actually, a man would create a standard based on what a woman considers attractive.  So he would earn money and create a lifestyle that attracts women only to have it co-opted by women.  He would put so much value in the outcome of his effort and zero regard for the fact that he’s paying the price of admission.  A man would become somebody in order to qualify for a woman who demands him to be somebody in order to be with her, while he just needs her to look good, have sex with him, and cater to his ego.  Then without realizing how stupid he is, he would be expected to be monogamous to this woman who now no longer needs to look good, have sex with him, or cater to his ego now that he’s locked in a contract.  So he becomes a slave who must continue to be the man that he is while tolerating whatever type of treatment he gets and complying with whatever demands are made.

See, even if a woman has her own money, she still expects a guy either have more money than her or at least jump through some hoops.  Unlike a man, a woman is hardly satisfied with a person who is goodlooking, have sex with her, or caters to her ego.  Keep in mind that I’m talking about general prerequisites here, not specific details.  Being good looking, having sex with someone, and catering to them, are not skills that you have to spend years developing, they’re just things you’re born with and things that you can simply do.  So when a man spend the first half of his life creating himself to be with someone who just have to be born goodlooking enough to be with him, it’s almost impossible for me to feel sorry for him when I see the knucklehead spending the second half of his life being destroyed by the person he saw himself as a lucky candidate for.  The poor stupid man was so eager to do whatever it is he heard women say they are turned on by.  That same man would bitch about why women wouldn’t talk to him when he was an average Joe but he would give the same women power over him by allowing them to treat their pussies as a price that is more valuable than his price which is a man that he develop himself into and the things he accomplished.

By the way, I don’t have a beef with women who are gold diggers and I don’t have a beef with men who just want women for their looks.  I actually think those two things compliment each other.  I have a beef with women who don’t educate themselves about the biological nature of men while having no self awareness while bitching about the same things they’re counting a man to be.  And I have a much bigger beef with men who allow themselves to be manipulated and ruled by pussy without paying attention to the impact it has on their dignity then bitch about the same women who they were trying to impress.  As far as your bitch is concerned, I hope she kills you in your sleep!  You chose that bitch.  You were the same idiot who was contemplating what to do because she was nagging you to stop drinking, or pressuring you to get married, or making you spend money you didn’t have, or threatening to leave if you didn’t change, or over-shearing all of your private information, or giving you ultimatums to get you to do things her way, or cutting you off from sex because you didn’t wine and dine her, or going through your phone or snooping through your belongs or calling just to see what you’re doing.

Why become a slave and continue tolerating whatever type of treatment you get while complying with whatever demands are made?  Why would you agree to be with a woman who doesn’t agree with the type of person you really are, or why would you be with a woman if you don’t agree with the type of person she is?  Why do you think it’s cool to talk about how many side bitches you have that she doesn’t know about?  Why do you think it’s funny to talk about how jealous or irrational your bitch is?  Why bitch about being nagged and treated like an ATM even though you volunteered for the position by being a brain-dead dick-thinking simpleton that based his masculinity on female approval and fulfilling his societal obligation?  Why don’t you open your big fucking mouth about your problems instead of just tucking yourself into your man-cave and realize that your dick and your ego are preventing you from realizing that you’re just a two legged mule that has been deluded into thinking you’re a hero or a family man for being a two legged mule.  A man’s desperate need for being looked at as a man that women admire and as a man that is strong and capable only weakens our spine and drains our dignity.  If you think being a wise man means picking your battles, here is how you can prevent yourself from surrendering to your stupidity, stop picking your nose, put down the remote control, pick up your brain and start using it.  You are obviously being picked on by society and are too much of a numbskull to know how to protect your dignity.  When a man works on his quality of life for a woman he fails to see her lack of consideration because he’s too busy considering his dick.  So when he starts bitching about his bitch he doesn’t consider the fact that he allowed himself to be conformed to the mindset of the inconsiderate bitch that he’s bitching about.  And that’s all I have to say for now.

A script of “MGTOW calls his bluff” video. 

Courtesy of my friend, Crank MGTOW. 

His youtube channel:

4 thoughts on “MGTOW calls his bluff (by Crank)

  1. Brutal, the truth always is. I’m getting dissatisfied with some of the people (friends) in my immediate vicinity. Almost all of them have ‘relationship difficulties’, they are being put under pressure to cow tow to these whores. Buy stuff they can’t afford, spend time they can’t waste. My friends lack introspection, they would never question ‘societal norms’ and actually believe it’s their duty as men to uphold this facade of the stoic, strong man who takes care of his tribe and disregards his own needs.


  2. What men like: looks. What women like: power, etc.. This means that women are delusional because when you analyze female greed for it’s lofty relentlessness that can even extend to space shuttles, you come to the conclusion of abused masculinity. First the strong man (bad boy),then a functional man she doesn’t really have serious respect for, then the state.


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