Book Report: ‘The Munchausen Complex – Socialization of Violence & Abuse’ | by J.N.

book review of the munchausen

Socialization of violence & abuse is a subject I am obsessed with addressing.

Dr. Richard L. Matteoli provides, formatted with a “dry” mini-encyclopdic way, valubale information. Not just a book on circumcision. It reports on other topics, such as different types of rituals: Many long for a sort of spiritual experience: With the influence of dance, music, intoxicants, even horror, the mind short-circuits with some various adrenaline rushes. They are in a state of cognitive dissonance with their failed attempts.
What is the relevance that it is “dry?” Because it answers how nearly no one would stop to think about how routine circumcision is wrong. They need to get a life.
I have yet to see a woman provide original content to the same frequency regarding m.g.m.’s true effects. The reason that is is because Women obviously don’t care & are looking elsewhere – to feral/primitive/synthetic masculinity.

Circumcision is a repetition compulsion.

Firstly, it should be acknowledged that it is an anti-cultural programming book: Their society is not my society.

Women love men that dominate & even instill fear in others.
Fear conditioning creates avoidance.
Women prepare male arbiters for other males to succumb to.

NPA is defined by psychiatry as: N = narcissism, P = perfectionism/unrealistic desires/entitlement, A = aggression. Women have proxy aggression. NPA is a generic state of women.

In early 15th century Spain, Flagellation was religiously encouraged. Male genital mutilation is now the irrational procedure religiously adhering to “science.” Some will get piercings, brands, tattoos, especially to compensate for a lack of real merit, to get attention from the irrational collective, attempting to thrive by what other poeple applaud back after the projected image to others.

Collective Munchausen syndrome for profit involves abuse for motives of power, employment security, etc.. Trivializing of other males has been for the purpose of making whores happy to maintain some sort of enterprise. When a feminist, etc., wants to complain about “objectification,” there is real abuse happening because women don’t even care that the power of men that women want turns into brutality.

Theological studies, etc., has a repulsive effect to modern contexts of mathematics & methodologies of “cubicles.”

The female yearning for power has constructed power & authority of ritual by instinct. During this process, schemes become instinctive automatisms. Shifting power relationships among symbols becomes implicit. Culture uses ritual to control by means of assumptions about the way things should be.

Alternatives to dissenters of ritual: Defensive resistance: He’ll be accused of being anti-social: Asocial self exclusion: He’ll be diagnosed with Schizoid Personality Disorder.

Some reports state children lose interest with sucking breasts after cutting.

Babies are much more sensitive than adults: Their spinal nerves are more excitable, their nociceptive nerve ending density is more concentrated, & there is greater nerve overlap in the skin.

Newborns acquire (subconscious) memory by association, habituation, conditioning, etc..

When traumatized, neurohormones are secreted & affect imprinting. A ruined balance of mental evaluation occurs. When the previously traumatized adult meets stress, reaction, with distorted connection, can be re-triggered.

Cut adult males are reported to be more rigid in the pelvis.

It is harder for a female to separate from an uncircumcised male.

Male genital mutilation changes the brain. It has been postulated to cause cell fragmentation & phagocytosis in many zones of the developing brain.

The corpus callosum is smaller in abused children. This causes less integration of the two halves of the brain, resulting with dramatic shifts of mood & personality.

Circumcision causes domination, for a lack of a better word, towards women. It is a diminished maleness with sexual callousness & decreased tenderness. A territorial machismo ensues with indifference & interpreting threats.

Erections are very much due to testosterone for young males. Erections depend more on sensations for adult males. Since MGM (male genital mutilation) decreases sensation, there is more demand for erection drugs.

Psychotic disorders involve instincts of survival & even possibly the question of annihilation. Not always, but it is common that women are drawn to those with psychopathic tendencies & that those men become psychopaths because of the external force of femininity propelling them that way. Domination of others is for the purpose of preserving survival instincts for whores.

MGM is a type of emotional blackmail. It forces the child to live in systems of codependency. It transfers power away from the child, regarding bodily integrity, to society.

In Africa, the spread of aids is due not to over-sexing. It’s due to bad practices, such as dry-sex. They actually put harsh objects in womens’ vaginas to make dry a wet vagina because wet vaginas are considered unappealing in Africa.

MGM creates cultural post-traumatic attachment that causes cultural repetition compulsion.

Circumcision originated from the pagan world – very primitive. Circumcision is a product of comixio religionis. It later infiltrated Christianity.

There is a danger of deifying parental figures. It can be used to justify bad power, bad control & social pathology for a group’s own sake – dominance. It then enters other societies.

Benjamin Franklin said: If you want to convince, speak of interest, not of reason.
Edward Berneys paid his chauffeur “Dumb Jack” $25.00 dollars a week. He worked from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM with only a half day to pause every two weeks. E.B. was a master of propaganda & fooling.
I am not a loser. I work in a restaurant. Why does the comedian Eric Andre get thousands upon thousands (possibly millions) for producing nothing of value? Because the gynocentric commandment imposes that. Without my cleaning & organizing of the food-place, the health inspection people will give a bad rating to it, then the whole project is ruined. I am a major part of the foundation.I should be getting paid 50% more with the cost of living reduced. Water is free. Why shouldn’t certain things be cheaper?
Menstruating women are seen as “divine.” Earliest women established sexual morality by periodically repulsing men. This institution of sexual morality is by memes. Menstruation in matriarchal societies is a “blessed” event – glorifying personality disorders.
The system is just “fucked” because of female selection for violence. Violence doesn’t necessarily mean what the first assumption commonly is. Females promote the survival of the fittest. Fittest doesn’t mean skilled though. A reminder I will be reusing with more articles: Many (fictional) men that women are attracted to might have more money, but they’re primitive. Females seek these rarer dominant ones who then demerit others, tc. & use them as opportunities. Feminine greed fosters lunacy.
Sarcasm: Ooh, you joined the NAVY. You’re so “valuable.”

In primitive tribes, the group trumps the individual, & the purpose of ritual is to make all members subservient to the social norm. Tribes are very much maintained by fear.

“The AMA came to dominate medical practice through brute financial force, political manipulation, & professional authority enhanced by rising public favor with “scientific” medicine…..American medicine surged forward as a profit-driven enterprise…. By the time Dr. Morris Fishbein assumed the mantle of Dr. Simmons, who had himself started out as a homeopath, the AMA was at the helm of a strapping new industry flying the allopathic flag…” – Kenny Ausubel/ ‘When Healing Becomes A Crime’

Militarist America often likes to think of others cultures as primitive. Yet the USA is home to the pseudo science of MGM.

Male genital mutilation promotions are subtle & protected by claims of customs & professional expertise, even though it originated from primitive pagan cultures.

Secundum Quid is assumptions by too little evidence: If a woman sees a man looking exhausted, or something, she’ll call it “creepy,” but that man was exhausted because a whore just wasted 4 months of his life.
Secundum quid occurs for arguing for male genital mutilation for urinary tract infection: There’s a slightly higher incidence of UTI with intact males. They make the assumption that because all those boys have a prepuce, the prepuce “must” be the cause. Urine is sterile & the prepuce has immunological functions. The true cause is wrong force with lack of information/education.

STDs is an issue of behavior. AIDS is too common in circumcising America.

Feminists complain about being slut-shamed, which is questionable how often other females do the shaming compared to males, & the reasons females slut-shame being different than the way males do it, yet you find females slut-shaming men frequently – “creepy,” etc.. The men women select ruins male sexuality by the violence of MGM. Males are the rightful heirs of this world by way of construction & abstraction, therefore males should be allowed to be sluts.

Lobby groups often keep true intentions secret. They influence public opinion, government, & corporations.

There’s the argument that education doesn’t work to stop bad sexual practices. What do you think compels people to brush their teeth? Education. MGM is used as deferring the education.

Of the wild, rape is common. Sure, there’s some amount of bartering, etc., with food for sex, etc., but violence & rape is what the wild is about. Humans don’t operate the same way (with only a smaller subset of a rape culture), yet the whole concept of an alpha male comes from the violence & rape culture of the wild.
You’re not an alpha male. You’re a slave/traitors to gynocentrism.

Lamarck has made a much better model than Darwin, which I will be typing of with another article.

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