MRAs Are Posers | by Jessie Nagy

female mind

An internet report featured a woman basically asking why her date wasn’t a mind reader: She rejected him & wondered why he didn’t try harder.
Let this be a reminder of how female collectivism weeds out (or attempts to keep temporarily) all the good qualities of masculinity – skilled imparting, which is a main merit of science, etc. – for the sake of making the rest of society yield to her rudeness, etc..

Men & women are not equal, nor should they be treated equally. We don’t even really speak the same. If Females are equal to males, why do they have mood disorders attributed to their period cycles? Men get moody sometimes, but much differently than that. & the men who are more moody is often what whores choose because of the impulse associated with female collectivism.
Men’s rights activists – posers – will claim that I’m “just like a feminist” when I seriously criticize how whores waste time of males & ruin lives. Last time I checked, it was men’s rights activists who believed to such stupid things as equality. Maybe you are equal to dumb whores that you maintain female collectivism, & worship these lame, unimpressive female men’s rights activists. Last time I checked, it was men’s rights activists & the like who emphasize mostly current events, politics, etc., rather than harder science, which is the same level as feminists. Last time I checked, it was men’s rights activists & the like who stated: “you can’t hit a woman: It will make the movement look bad” – just like the feminists. Last time I checked, it was men’s rights activists & related who slandered science that women are inferior to men as “pseudoscience.” Of course, this was not slander documented of a conventional way because it often happens in spaces where things get lost in a shuffle, so there isn’t always a way to prove it.
I think that pick-up-artists are also adhering, although not conscious of it, hence female collectivism, to equality as well because they are one of the first to make such a stupid claim that people like myself are “making excuses for my existence.” This comes from some illogical notion of equality: That I’m “like them” – feeble/emasculated (& that, for the supposed non-existent “shy personality,” I just got a little lagged behind somehow.) Sarcasm, Yeah, I’m like you. It’s their inability to understand that obligations doesn’t always exist with the whore consensus.

A direct quote from a main pick-up-artist: Roosh V:

“I was so turned on by her beauty & petite figure that I told myself she’s not walking out my door without getting fucked. At that moment I accepted getting locked up in Polish prison to make it happen.”

Reducing the feminist fake “rape culture” critiques, this is female collectivism – on the verge, or almost on the verge, of having one’s life ruined or burdened some way for the totally false validation of “dominant” or “criminal” (which can be the other “dominant”).
Roosh V knows the tactics enough to know that acting by “impulse,” for a lack of a better word, is mostly how the game works. Rather than reporting on these whores for their disgusting ordination, he has carefully cultivated schemes to betray masculinity.

We don’t want your fucking dumb tests, you dumb whores.
This kind of tactic employment is responsible for things like “Me-too.” We don’t want to jeopardize our lives, etc., by some vague implications, only to be either “creepy” or a “winner” because whores don’t respect masculinity.
&, yet, we have idiots like Jordan Peterson Crusading against postmodernism without even realizing that the whores he defends for testing is very much responsible for postmodernism, etc., because it’s male performance for them.

That’s just one case of language perversion/inconsistency. Of course, there’s going to be whores emphasizing: “I’m not like that.” They might not be exactly like that, but they have many other problems they’ll create. Don’t give them many rights.


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