How Anti-Feminists Use Anti-Feminism As A Distraction | Jessie Nagy


Firstly, before even the main article: Some who think they’re the “center of the universe” don’t understand why I already typed many of my arguments. There’s a reason I have to re-produce. It’s for newer divisions. There’s OTHER people who have never been informed before.

They want to blame most of it to political factions that “made women” a certain way. This is actually something that the left believes social constructs. Women are that way regardless – expectant. Blaming it mostly to social engineering is like saying: if someone chooses a pack of cigarettes instead of a package of herbal tea, it’s the “fault” of the tester for her choice. Rather than acknowledging that females are incompetent & should be reduced with the influence of her choices, they want to blame social engineering instead for her poor actions. This actually makes women-against-feminists just like feminists because both types of misdirected thought is leftist.

With all these misdirecting arguments by anti-feminists, I can make much better content than most people doing pro-male & supposed “pro-male” content.

I liked some of the content a lot more during their raging years.

Also: If you think the theological abstractions is false, it has been existing long before scientific formulas.

Whatever re-fashioned female dynamics you have, “anti-feminists,” feminist, traditional, whatever, it is always practically the same: Feminism = interception by having females complaining to the state. Traditional women = justifications for their bad, mentally slow choosing of men with violent tendencies, war-machines, neo-cons. “Anti-feminists” = perpetuating, so that they can never consider true pro-masculinity, lies about male & female “equality,” yet failing to acknowledge that even their own “Bible” of evolutionary psychology pioneered arguments that female cognition was much less tested by the forces, so less advanced. So how can the sexes be equal, & why should they be treated equal if equal tendencies is not applicable?

I know this isn’t readily known, but most women have (unintentionally) predatory mentalities, many of which are not even aware of: Coercive males will automatically, with little thought/trial, be willing to defend. Women “vote” for this, which sets the field for vying. Businesses want the maximum. Valid buildings disappear because vices are easy to sell rather than investing for something that’s of actual benefit. The same way that many vice sellers sell to the ignorant, females have passion for people that hurt OTHER people, mainly because it is of self interest for her to know the hurt will mostly be towards others for optimum gain of success shared with her. You can now understand how women are dangerous. They are not physically dangerous themselves, but they are that way by what they start, & this is why society needs to neglect what women want – sexual satisfaction, money, policies, etc.. It’s much more valid what the male wants.

The narrative that many women have attractions to beast-men because of daddy-issues, while I’m sure that can add to it, is mostly not the ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is because women do not have an equal cognition as masculinity. This is why woman do not like hyper moral males.

Women & feminists misconstrue various anti-intellectual expressions, & even savagery, as the good-guys because it flatters their egos that appeals to their casual animal life.

Women like a repeating pattern of the men that they like because her willingness to invest to what produces fear associations is her survival instinct. People who have really poorly cultivated egos have a feeling of their lives being threatened, or something like that: That they need to control others’ harmless differences rather than respecting others’ harmless differences. I’m not typing about respecting losers. Even a man who has enough to live a comfortable life is not a man she can brag about to her female peers.

During history, the brutally strong was the standard. The weak – females – reproduced with the savage. They do no want to save/”heal” these men. They want to wield them. This has created the state of which female selection is still regarded as a “necessity.” It has seemed that it is the best optimal way, but the next evolution is for hyper moral males to adopt militant misogyny – almost no rights for women & restrict their lives. Not to direct the hatred the similar way as most would define hatred as “machismo” but a calm, scolding misogyny, keeping women sexually dissatisfied & bored because female sexuality is disgusting & has major ramifications to society.

Anti-feminists will never have respect for total science because, according to them, because it’s socially boring, it’s “autistic,” & because of this, they want the same coercion that feminists want to different guys for “getting out of line.”

Most women – bully-breeders – just want their agendas enforced by executioners, while the other majority of whores just want to domesticate good men, which will eventually ruin their lives. True pro-masculinity will not do the bidding for women, & this is why I do not buy the hype of anti-feminists, especially their “equality.”

Leftism, especially with all the chanting, rioting, etc., is forms of hybristophilia, & anti-feminism, with all the slander to moral males, is Stockholm syndrome with fake “pro-masculinity,” so feminists & anti-feminists are the same.

Hybristophilia is a poorly understood thing to masses because the social structures, especially women, & especially the instincts to entertain women, will not fund or advertise that kind of research, just like how female m.r.a.s will suppress that this less ethical aspect of their psychology is an aspect of their worse cognition, which makes them just like the feminists because both suppress it. Having successful cognition doesn’t necessarily make you any better because ethics can still be lacking.

& Get that fucking disgusting Gynocentrist-writes-shit/Karen Straughen out. “Ooh, she’s a woman saying novel things.” There’s times when you have to NOT make deals with people, regardless of how appealing they are, because of ETHICS.

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