Tranquility Does NOT Mean Shyness | Jessie Nagy

a access to shyness

“Be ye therefore wise as serpents & harmless as doves.”

Domineering men die sooner[1]

Michael Babyak, PhD, researched a study of 750 men.

Men who make quick responses & interrupt conversation are 60% more likely to die sooner than men who are more quiet & tranquil.

It is given that the attitude of being a strong-man, which is really a weak man, has altered blood due to increase of stress hormones, damaging immune system & cardiovascular system.

The pretense of aesthetics, etc., which isn’t even real, which is how they would shame the information because of the unappealing presentation, with their little “liquid courage” they waste money with at clubs, is that you “have” to be obligated to a contest for their weak intelligence, immature sexuality, undeveloped value systems, etc.. When you get older, you stop caring about such stupid things, but this is often too late, & I’ve always had this mentality.

“Why are you so quiet?” – every fucking idiot who mistakes the importance of tranquility for “shyness.”

Answer: Because my existence is not for your cheap entertainment (or even mine because I don’t actually value that much entertainment. I get it out of my system accordingly. I think it’s a waste of time.)

Being driven the way they define it gives you no more power than constantly hitting a wall.

Maybe if you would “shut the fuck up,” as they’d say, you’d actually learn something. You see, little kids, this is how reality actually is, the feeble who prate about the subjective are emasculated. That’s not a hyperbolic statement. They literally have altered blood. It only gives the image of vigor, so stay quiet, access & embrace “shyness,” study, be observant, & be creepy.

An anecdote pertaining to this: I heard this conversation these two were having in a store. He stated: “I don’t think I’m going to hire him because he doesn’t have an out-going personality & he gives me a creepy vibe.” What kind of ethics is that? “I’ll influence your life because of my rating of how you entertain me.”

How does this pretense of aesthetics pertain to female psychology? Answer:  fiction. There are other stories of sex & brutality that women consider “hot.”[2] Some garbage called ‘The Kiss’ & another one called “Because They Wanted To.’ I don’t know because I have real things to study.

I’ve heard that women buy more books than men, but men buy more non-fiction than women. I haven’t had time to study this thoroughly, but it’s certain that their purchasing patterns states nothing significant about female intellect. They could just have them accumulate dust anyway.

Having an exceptional IQ doesn’t always make you a good person, because, of this context, even when women have exceptional IQs or are as smart as men, they will generally have that intellect additional to a subjective mind, so the exceptional IQ is like having an expensive lap-top that has been ruined with too many computer viruses. (J*** have exceptional IQs. Doesn’t make them good people.)

Human males don’t think like monkeys. They have more cognitive ability. This makes them better with tools, etc..

The man who is successful doesn’t have “dominance.” There’s some of that, but it’s actually more functional cooperation manifested by modern mechanization, which is mistaken as mostly dominance. Yes, cooperation, that word that people think means “leftist,” or something. These turgid meanings replace the meaning of actual existence, especially by a culture almost constantly bombarded with the casual age.

Most men don’t even want to “dominate.” Most men want to have a barbecue or attend to hobbies.

Philosophy has stated that female frigidity is actually due to emotional & psychological factors or a physical defect.

Not that I care about making women feel better, or whatever, because It’s the male sovereignty I’m concerned with, this philosophical axiom has been [Reported with one of my previous articles: ‘How Women Promote Body Negativity’] the dictating narrative of how males are grouped: “Can you be validated by my ill judgement.”

The more impure the life-style & suffering defined by women as “quality” is assigned to males, the more the bad quality of male vitality will be with impure customs for males.

Those males want to “take every other males down” with their frustrated state of mind to be with whores.

I’m not an enthusiast of hip-hop music & fashion, but this is integral: When I heard of this gossip of the artist: Drake, he was defamed as a “beta male” by the masses. Yes, a male who already has lots of fame, power, etc., & they called him a “beta male,” proving it’s all false.

Women take lack of direction as “strong will of doing whatever one wants.” According to women, “good expression” of conveying what’s on his mind is rapid changes of mood. They take moral goodness as “low self worth.”

These are fictions that are counter to what makes humans humans, helping women filter realism for her comfort. Only by the movies can a thug discover cures.

Are you, the male, a taker or a performer?



1: The World’s Greatest Treasury Of Health Secrets, pg. 197 – Bottom Line Publications

2: Women Buy Fiction in Bulk & Publishers Take Notice | Trip Gabriel – NYTimes-dot-com

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