Memorable mgtow comments

Sometimes you watch a mgtow video and you are blown away but the gem sometimes are in the comment section.  These are some of the comments I collected over the years either from mgtow youtube video comment sections or in forums.  Enjoy…

MGTOW have opted out and only observe.  As if we are a different species observing the human race.

Feminism is just female nature politicized.

Men since the beginning of time keep getting lost in that Bermuda triangle, some survive but most pay a steep price!

The MGTOW movement works for me; in that I just stopped caring about women as a life form. I don’t stop to help women with car trouble, I don’t hold open doors, I do not support their causes, I don’t come to their defense, or listen to their petty problems that are, most of the time, self inflicted. I have no sympathy, empathy or feelings towards them in any way shape or form. I just don’t give a shit about them anymore. Women have become too dangerous, too unstable, too much of a liability to my comfortable financial life. MGTOW is just quietly walking away from the madness. No hate, no anger.

Uncle Duke  

“The author’s grossly inaccurate and unscientific analysis of MGTOW reveals the stupidity that his extrovert bias generates. A person who is depressed because he lacks friends due to his low social skills is an extrovert who’s failing in his extroversion. Introverts and loners, in contrast, WANTS people to go away and is happy (not lonely) when they do. Almost everything an introvert needs is provided for out of his self. This fact alone should be enough for intelligent people to recognize this as a quality of adult independence, NOT social ineptitude. The author probably suspects, as I do, that the vast majority of men who identify with MGTOW are on the introvert side of the scale. It is the author’s complete misunderstanding of introversion that leads him/her to falsely attribute a profile of maladjustment to MGTOW men.”

Sandman went #FullClarey in this video. The sad thing is that there are self-identified MGTOWs who actually agree with Sandman and dish out the TFL insult. Some of these self-identified MGTOWs either lack knowledge about the difference between TFL and MGTOW or are willfully ignorant and use it as an excuse to promote (in their view) their superior position of being approved of by females (two notable examples of this are Aaron Clarey and David Beecroft). Just in case any confusion arises here, lets properly define the difference between TFL and MGTOW:

TFL or True Forced Loneliness are men who have been rejected by a woman or women in general on the basis of reasons such as social awkwardness or unattractiveness. They feel lonely because of their rejection/s and still seek female approval, hoping one day that a NAWALT will come along and make them “complete”. MGTOW on the other hand have decided to take control over their life and stopped basing their worth on female approval. They decided to embrace male sovereignty and pursue their own goals and desires independently of whether it attracts females or not. Each man becomes a MGTOW through different circumstances. One example is a man who has been burned in the divorce court, however a more relevant example in this context is a TFL who has decided to stop basing his self-worth on female approval and has decided to take control over his own life. In this sense a TFL can become a MGTOW once he has shed his gynocentric thinking.

Nacho once said something along the lines that you couldn’t be red pill if you are worried about your image and inclusivity, you are not going your own way while being fearful on how others will see you.

Humans are self-serving creatures (not complaining because that’s how nature made us).  People only deal with people that they can benefit from while giving the least in return.  When benefits are gone, so are the people you thought were your friends, bf, etc

Men are righteously angry about what women have done with the power men have GIVEN them. -The taking away of all men’s reproductive rights, and choices (other than to not play the game at all….vasectomy or abstinence). Women have absolutely all reproductive choices and and rights if men choose to have sex. -The taking away of all men’s rights and ownership in marriage and family. The only thing that is enforceable in marriage today is a man’s “responsibility” to work and pay a woman the money he earns. -The taking away of men’s basic rights: like the presumption of innocence and burden of proof. Today men are presumed guilty of anything a woman decides to accuse him off (guilty of being a potential rapist, child molester, oppressor, and abuser even without a woman accusing him)….and he must be able to prove his innocence. And, if a woman accused him, even then he is treated as guilty by women and their manginas/white knights even if he PROVES his innocence. This situation where, “good woman” or “bad woman” have become completely irrelevant because the system itself enslaves men. It is only a question of if a woman is going to use this system of enslavement to abuse and harm men as well…but enslavement is the entry price to play with women today. Women have essentially laid bare their nature and are forcing men to see it for what it is…..that of a solipsistic child parasite. Men are forced to see how women truly see men: as utilities and sacrifices (i.e. human doings, not human beings). The delusion of “love” is broken and the “female mystery” is gone. Men see women for that they are: children who have no connection to reality other then in terms of their own feelings. Red pill rage is being forced to look at female nature honestly for the first time. It is like a child growing up with all this misinformation that he was given to make him happy and finding out the truth: there is no Santa Claus, you can’t be president, you don’t really have talent enough to be a sport star, nobody cares if you are hurting, if you can’t make money, you will die cold and hungry, etc. Everything you were told was all lies meant to enslave you like a farm animal. Red pill rage is about becoming an adult and learning to deal with the truth. Specifically (in this case) the truth about women. They are not equals, they are not capable of loving you (not the way men understand love), you are not a person to them (only a utility), Everything they say or do is about “taming” you to serve them. Any interest a woman shows a man is only to gather information on how to manipulate that man better. Men are things to women that they need to survive…all else is secondary to this need to control men’s utility. And, now women have setup a system where they don’t even have to pay a man for this utility….they just use the laws, courts, and government to take from men (without any need to negotiate or give anything in return). What women have done has displayed what they are and completely destroyed the “magic” of women. Now men are stuck with this evolutionary need to please and placate to women in order to gain their validation, but no way to do it (that satisfies women), no incentive to do it, no reward for doing it, and only pain, humiliation, and harm for doing it. It is very much like a drug addiction. First you want to party, you are having a great time. Someone introduces a drug that makes you feel even better. And, you believe this is what it is all about. Then the party is over. You are left with nothing but a need (addiction) that you can’t satisfy, and only does you harm. Without the party, you can’t even pretend that the drug makes you feel good anymore. You certainly can’t pretend that it is worth harming yourself for….and yet you still have a physical desire to take it. That will depress anymore. Then it will make you angry (rage even). But you need that rage to force yourself to get over the drug addiction and move on with building a life….one built on reality and the truth. One without women in it, or the need for women. Red pill rage is learning that the party was a falsehood (nobody was having fun, it was just a way to get you to take the drug and get you addicted….new slaves for the drug dealer). And the drug was a lie (just a way to use your biology against you), it didn’t make you feel good, it only made you harm yourself. And, when you manage to accept these facts and kick the addiction, life is waiting for you again….any life you wish to build. Rage is a tool. Use it to break your addiction and get on with your life….and you won’t need the rage anymore.


I don’t know if you follow Stardusk but he said something along the lines of “The recognition of your own disposibility.  And after that, you attain a sense of freedom.  You just don’t give a shit anymore.”  That’s where I am. Looking into male sexual abuse, realizing how selfish women are and how they manipulate and use men, the screwed up world we live in, and it only got worse and worse the more I learned.  He who increases knowledge increases sorrow.  I fear death less.  I care for the world less.  I’ve turned my back on this world.  I’ve said before regarding relationships and family, there is nothing for me to go back to.  Even if things changed for the better, what then?


Listening to this, I don’t know whether to be deeply saddened and moved or just absolutely incensed at the injustice of it all. I’ve wondered about it for some time. To be honest, that wasn’t my experience. I was fortunate. My parents – and, thinking back, arguably only my parents – did take that interest in me. My father was troubled but a wonderful human being. My mother, well, is a story unto herself, but she loved me in her way. I’m not saying as much to present myself as superior or denigrate the experiences of others, merely offer an alternate perspective. I’m not altogether unfamiliar with the feeling of disposability. It seemed, at the very least, to be true of the attitudes of most people outside of my family. They recognised my intellect, but that’s just about it. I was only ever a character on a stage, never quite a real person. There don’t seem to be many positive masculine role models around these days. It’s all about swagger and gratuitous aggression, or simpering supplication with little room for subtlety and variance. At the very least, I’m aware of the culturally acceptable misandry that seems endemic in our society in addition to the narcissism and entitlement mentality that plagues many women. The nature of female sexual attraction, too, is somewhat discomfiting. Personally – I think men are the true romantics and idealists, whereas women are more ’emotionally pragmatic’, for lack of a better description. I don’t believe we love in the same way. Male love is devotion. Female love seems more akin to conditional adoration. However, I don’t define myself by my reluctance to enter into relationships, nor by how ‘alpha’ or ‘beta’ I am, nor by my negative past experiences. It is a good thing to educate oneself about harsh realities but I don’t seek out toxicity for its own sake. I’m just more of an observer, not averse to the connections I may stumble upon as I make my way through life, but I’m not going to bend over backwards to play by other peoples’ rules.


All problems I ever see in the world, at work, and among those I know in my personal life all seem to boil down to conscious ignorance of one key axiom:

He who has the most to lose will act first.

Whether it’s a silent battle to resolve who it will be to clean the shower first within a family, a cold war among office workers about who will ultimately respond to a difficult client’s email, or a standoff among European countries about what to do about the immigrants – everyone attempts to deny a problem exists because they do not want to act first and find themselves at a disadvantage.

What’s worse is the absentee leaders of humanity refuse to publicly acknowledge how so many vital institutions of our lives persist due to what essentially boils down to a game of chicken. It has long been considered (for example) that males benefit so much from the civilisations they have built that no matter what burdens are heaped upon their backs they will never resist ‘acting first’ to resolve a problem or threat for fear of what might be lost (to them). Another example is the poor and welfare – welfare is offered not because the rich are concerned about those who live in poverty but because they recognise (consciously or otherwise) that the poor need to feel they have something to lose when they consider violence on mass.

Rather than address problems and risk disadvantage the modern default strategy employed by the government, religion, big business and the media is to argue with, cajole, con, shame and otherwise brainwash certain groups into falsely believing they’re better off (by however small a margin) into acting first.

To me being MGTOW, swallowing the red pill, is about better determining in what instances I will actually benefit overall from acting first while resisting the call to martyr myself for those undeserving of my sacrifice.

What’s in it for me?

“MGTOW’s are all lazy men who have been rejected by women and play video games and watch porn all day.”

Every time I hear this statement it brings a smile to my face. This level of projection bias is very rare, and usually only witnessed among the the elite of religious idiocy.

When most people spend their young adults entirely fixated on chasing ass and wasting time and energy instead of focusing on improving themselves and building a fulfilling career, you know for damn sure they are going to project their own feelings of regret on you.

Women are a vice just like video games and porn, there are big differences between them though. Video games and porn are relatively harmless if used in moderate doses (Unless you are a pro or competitive gamer and it’s a big part of your life, playing too many video games can be detrimental. Same for pornography). However women are never safe and always impede logical thinking. They also take all your fucking money.

For all new MGTOW’s who are still affected by this hilarious projection, just understand that deep down these men know MGTOW is the correct way to go, but cognitive dissonance is a powerful, powerful condition.

Response:  At this point, I’ve decided I couldn’t give less of a shit if there really are a bunch of guys who only do video games and porn. I’m sure they’re out there, and they don’t define MGTOW or red pill men, but more power to them. Society is set up to screw men over at every turn, if that’s what they wanna do for enjoyment on this earth, then fine by me.

I love video games and porn too, of course. I do have other stuff going on, but I’m not gonna act like these guys are inferior. It’s high time for men to relax and chill out, and stop worrying about whether or not they’re being true to their “duty”, “genetic legacy”, or other such bullshit. Figure out what gives life meaning and go for it. Don’t stress the people who just want to bitch about male enjoyment of life, because at the end of the day, that’s all it is. When men are enjoying themselves, instead of serving and sacrificing, everyone starts whining.

“Women are a vice” – I had this exact same thought a few weeks ago. The classic vices are always booze, gambling, and womanizing. Women are a worldly pleasure and that’s about it. When men get their lives’ meaning from a vice, something is seriously wrong.

Men are definitely more rational under the influence of alcohol than they are under the influence of pussy, which is saying A LOT.

John Doe

Have you ever watched House M.D.? There’s a quote that House said in an episode where he was treating an autistic child (Lines in the Sand). Here’s the specific quote from it that rings true with me:  House: Spoken like a true circle queen. See skinny socially privileged white people get to draw this neat little circle, and everyone inside the circle is normal, anyone outside the circle should be beaten, broken and reset so they can be brought into the circle. Failing that, they should be institutionalized or worse, pitied. Cameron: So it’s wrong to feel sorry for this little boy? House: Why would you feel sorry for someone who gets to opt out of the inane courteous formalities which are utterly meaningless, insincere and therefore degrading? This kid doesn’t have to pretend to be interested in your back pain or your excretions or your grandma’s itchy place. Can you imagine how liberating it would be to live a life free of all the mind-numbing social niceties? I don’t pity this kid, I envy him. 

“To live is to fight, for this world is but a hurricane of challenges all aimed at you. If it ever becomes too much, if you get down on your life, you will look for encouragement.

And you will not find it.

Everyone puts on the appearance that they want the best for you, that they want you to succeed. But in reality, the thing they least want is you to succeed. They want you to fail!

When you start to change your life, people will notice it. They will not like it. We all get used to placing people in certain ‘categories’. You’re showing them that there is more to you than they thought. That instead of letting life define you, you are defining life yourself. You’re literally fighting for life and this makes them uncomfortable because they didn’t (and once they realize it, they know it is too late!).

Endure. All your exes will have one thing in common: they want you to fail. The last thing they want is to run into you later and see you successful. No! They want to see you remain the same or sink lower.

Endure. All the girls that shot you down: they want you to fail. A big fear in woman is missing The Great Catch. Give substance to their fear.

Endure. At your high school reunion, the ones you knew will come back with secret desires of seeing failures everywhere, even at you. Defy them.

Endure. For it is the same for 99% of the people, they get grounded up into comformity and become bewildered as their lives become more and more joyless. They will feel threatened by you. You may even want to stop your metamorphosis by how uncomfortable it is to others you knew and even for yourself. But those who stop can never realize their dreams and so never can be don juans.

The more successful you become in life, the more and more people will despise you. No one despises the innocent Nice Guy who happily takes orders. But everyone envies the one who knows what he wants and takes it, the guy who won’t be played, and the guy who manages to unite dream and day.

All your married friends… they want you to fail. They will whisper in your ear that you should do like they did. All your friends… they want you to fail. They will confer to you that you ought to shrug off these ‘ideas’ of yours. “Live like us!” they will tell you.

Most people remain static all their lives. They do not change and cannot change. They are basically the same now as they were five years from now. But YOU are totally different, for now you have improved and refined yourself while they stayed the same in their vaperous habits.

Imagine they are gathering in a circle around you and your life. They are all taking bets on when you will stop and fail. And when you do, they will let out a sigh of relief and say, “Thank goodness!” People do not want you to succeed, especially people you’ve known your entire life. They want you to stay the same or fail. Their lives can only succeed by seeing you fail.

For nothing can overtake the power of Endurance!

Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not; the world is full of educated failure.

Endurance alone is power ultimate. So endure.

We are the sum of our endurance. And we will not let others define us any longer.”

Or you could just say fuck it, i don’t give a shit. 😉

What is the end game for MGTOW?

There is no end game,

if a person is serious with his life, he can’t take it as sort of a game.

the win-lose mentality. life appears that way if you are interested in dominating people or letting people walk all over you or if you are still pursuing some worldly stuff.

if you set about to achieve what is yours, and not at the expense of others, then life ceases to be a game.

how? focus entirely on yourself – and you will experience life. Well at-least that has worked for me. a simple life – in tune with nature, no struggles

how am I acting as though MGTOW is something more than what it is?

If i was to be clearer, life before a person self actualizes, can appear as some sort of game. you vs them kind of mentality but once you shed the false ego(societal id that you are given). all goals that a person had would simply vanish as he gets to realize that the only thing left is for him to experience life and enjoy his own solitude.

in letting life happen, a person doesn’t have to seek out anything(fleeting nature of desires) or try to accomplish some purpose unless of course its entirely for his own benefit.

really, may be i should go a bit farther.

I will start with this. The Fear of Death is not an instinct: it is a reaction of the animal who is conscious enough to become aware of himself and his inevitable fate; so it is something we have learned.

But exactly what is it we have learned? Is the dilemma of life-confronting-death an objective fact we just see, or is this, too, something constructed and projected, more like an unconscious game that each of us is playing with himself? life-against-death is a delusive way of thinking it is dualistic: the denial of being dead is how the Ego affirms itself as being alive; so it is the act by which the Ego constitutes itself

The ego needs activity in order to exist. Like and dislike, attachment, aversion, greed and hatred are the main overt activities of the ego. The more desire and aversion(differentiation) we have the more alive we feel, the more real and concrete the ego seems. In reality, the ego depends on desire(needs), its life-blood is desire. The ego and desire are like the two sides of a coin — one cannot exist without the other. The ego is a projected desire, and desire is projected ego. It is like pedal-ling a bicycle: if we go on pedal-ling, the bicycle goes on moving; but if we stop pedal-ling the bicycle will start slowing down and eventually collapse. The more we go on generating desire(creating some sort of something to be achieved-which is another way of creating suffering), the ego seems very real. When desiring stops the ego then appears as an illusion.

This is the illusion-ary nature of an end game- a projection of there is an outcome to all you do; which in the end keeps you striving to gain something outside yourself – but if you really went down the rabbit hole of self- there is no end game . life is simply to be, to cease chasing(MGTOW).

but other than that am not telling anyone to give up (all am saying is- be content with yourself). success is a relative thing. Mgtow is another form of awareness, so if asked what am to get out of this – It already was there, I simply had to be exposed to it(awareness).

you were born to be mgtow but programmed to be gynocentric and now our brothers here, have helped us discover our true nature- we are simply human beings not human doings.

casual sex with whores is like the sexual equivilant of junk food, it’s bad for you. tbh when my finances are in order i think i’m just gonna hire escorts who know the tools of their trade. it’s degrading to have to seduce a whore.

on a side note it’s funny how women want men to treat them better than they treat themselves. equally funny that women want men to treat the women better than the women treat the men.

Death is not terrifying. Abuse inflicted, psychological warfare to which I was unaware, resulted in psychological death. Death is easy, living is hard. Not all people are actors in a world full of actors. Some are genuinely authentic. They see the world, the way people are towards each other. These people do not reveal in another pain. A man on the other side of the abyss does not see his truth, he sees the truth. A man who lives authentically in a illusion of others making, pushes that man into isolation. You have said in the past, isolation is a bad thing. How can it be a bad thing when to live among the others, is to be forced into their insane illusion ? Maybe it is the man who reaches the other side of the abyss, is the insane ? Seeing what he does, in what he perceives as reality. But who can really know if what they see is reality, or is it their insane illusion of the mind ? The man who has been dead, the rebirth is the terrifying part. The awaking to reality.

Consumerism depends on the purchasing power of women to be uninterupted. Back in the 50’s, governments were shown the advantages that could be obtained from giving women exactly what they want.  The Government would get a block of female voters who would be loyal to whatever party could give them the most benefits.  Corporations got a rapidly growing base of consumers.  Banks were given the windfall of credit required to pay for this growth.  Men.  Men got the sexual revolution, and lost so much more in the bargain.  Sex  instead of Dignity, Children traded Money, and Justice warped to fuel the new consumerism.

I have to honestly say, I don’t give a shit about other men any more. I admit I have slipped a little bit more towards misanthropy since taking the red pill.. and that I used to be more a lot more optimistic in ways before.. but I have always only given respect where respect is earned, and the modern man has not earned it. Milennia of scraping and crawling through the worst conditions that our environment and competing species could throw at us, only to be done in by luxurious surroundings and wet pink orifices. As soon as the dangers reside, the contract between men and splitting of resources and women are tossed aside, and it is every man for himself in a ever growing game of cut-throat for women’s gain. The average man today doesn’t know of the dangers in his climate, and he doesn’t care. He is far too involved in gluttonously satisfying his urges, and he is more than willing to attack or kill any other man who could possibly get in his way from doing so. He has no problem being typecast as a meathead, whose only purpose is to slave away for women and beat other men over the head for disobeying them.. in return for getting his dick wet on occasion. It is only after he has been fucked over himself, that he suddenly has an epiphany of how fucked up our hidden system is.. before being lulled back to sleep by comfort again. Certainly I have respect for other MGTOWs who are capable of seeing reality for what it is, but the average man is a primate who does not know what to do with the technological advances and comforts that the worlds greatest minds have given him. I know that having high expectations toward earning respect means that you likely become closed-minded.. but I don’t care anymore. There is not enough time on this planet to spend on those who think ignorance is bliss.

When you can see through women like glass, their behavior will turn you off.

This video is right on the mark.  The ultimate goal of MGTOW is to “reach the other side”, to learn to live life happily and fully without a woman.  So many men have been conditioned and socialized to believe that their life will always be incomplete without a woman, that marriage is the ultimate life panacea, if only they try hard and put their woman and relationship before themselves.  Many men remain underdeveloped personally, not realizing their own potential and forgoing a life for themselves.  Getting to the other side of MGTOW where one is no longer unhappy, angry, or have that void where seeking of sex, relationships, and female companionship is a process that oftentimes requires a lot of building of internal fortitude and character. This video makes a great point that having anger and bitterness toward women is a liniment for the pain one feels when realizing that relationships with women and happiness is pretty much an impossibility, that the risks are too great for it for men, and that nearly always it’s never worth the sacrifices men have to make.  Sometimes, those emotions are helpful in seeing a person through to the end of the process to where they finally realize they can have a happy and fulfilling life without women.  For most men, it’s the undoing of a lifetime of indoctrination and conditioning. I see a lot of videos and articles on GOING MGTOW, but not enough on BEING MGTOW, on what to do next once someone takes the red pill.  It’s tough because there isn’t much in the way of societal support for men, and nearly all that is there for men is heavily feminized (eg, psychology and counseling).  Right now, for most the internet is the only place they can turn to for support and understanding.

Sex, and physical contact releases the same chemicals in the brain that drugs do. In fact, opiates plug in to the exact same receptors. You literally become addicted to the female you are with. Her smell, touch, the sound of her voice , the pheromones she produces, induce a pavlovian response in the brain, producing oxytocin. She is literally as addicting as heroine. This is not true on the same level for females. Their brains are wired different. Can we ever “get clean”? Don’t know… Evolution betrayed us in order to make sure as many babies get borne as possible. No other rhyme or reason. We were borne junkies.

Hey bro dog, love the vids. MGTOW is scary and dangerous to a lot of society. Imagine a world where men say NO!. Imagine men rejecting women’s birth rite of a child, husband, and provider/servant. Imagine, instead of entitlement, women had to earn these things? Well, they might actually have to treat men with respect and dignity. Imagine, that day, when men no longer protect for, provide for, sacrifice for a woman, simply because she is woman. Men’s would have true power again. The truth is the smartest, most successful, and strongest of men have courage to break the narrative. Smart, successful, strong men don’t take shitty deals. MGTOW is filled with the best men our society has to offer. That is what scares them so much.

Yet when you tell these morons that you still would have no interest in dating/marriage, then clearly it MUST be just because you are sad and pathetic or something equally stupid. I tell them that some people in this world are capable of being hermits, and PREFER to live that way. Are they sad and pathetic because they don’t want to live the exact same life as you do? Hell, I’d say the sad and pathetic ones are the moths that are running on instinct and flying right towards the flame, not the ones that know better and decide to just sit back in the shade and watch.

1) It’s a feedback loop but you need a biological capacity first, if you put water in a cup it takes a certain shape and it will also change if you put in A V-shaped glass 2)The reason why tradcon men proud themselves being stronger or smarter is simply a way to excuse being used as or treated like a human doing ( i’am strong this is why i go to war ,i am smart this why i deserve to work longer hours ) i mean they don’t proud themselves in their beauty or deify the male aesthetic ,but we see this with women which has to do with that women are human beings ,not a human doing 3)Traditionalist like feminist like to use biology when only it suits them ,feminist will say that homosexuals are born and then will go full retard and say gender roles are social construct to oppress women(which is funny because it implies that men work in very womanly sneaky covert way which shows to us that feminists are just projecting ) 4)70% of the gender roles aren’t natural but you can track down why they exist , does it make any sense that men and boys should have short hair 5)The truth is masculinity was never in the hands of men to define what it is,funny thing is neurologically and scientifically speaking the most manly men are actually the nerds and without a new definition to masculinity that serves men then men will always be easily to be socially tortured into becoming human doing

Eh, but men are vending machines, and most of them willing. Don’t get me wrong I understand what you’re saying, and I agree. But you and I are of a different mindset than others. Taking the Red Pill, and keeping it down -internalizing it – brings with it a sense of value and respect that isn’t dependent on external validation. “Men are human doings.” This singular statement is probably the most significant grain of insight I’ve gotten from the entirety of MGTOW content, because it’s true. Men have no intrinsic value, they must gather resources and accomplishments. That is their soul, their being. It’s the measuring stick they use to place themselves in the race. Men who realize this are rare. It goes against nature and society in a very real way. What “Patriarchy” really is is men’s industry and input put toward the external (women, society, family, military, whatever), then are given a return for their investment (family, “respect.”). Men commit their time, energy, and resources to things other than themselves. Men are the ones who do this because they have no intrinsic value. Testosterone is linked with taking risks. Men manipulate the world around them, and so they find their worth and identity from that. It’s why shame and guilt are so useful and effective against men. It’s like a kid who has a favorite toy. But instead of keeping it close and fiercely guarding it like one might expect, it’s never in his possession. His friends have it, or his brother and sister have it, or his parents have it, or his teacher has it, etc etc. Then when push comes to shove, all they do is threaten to break it, and he can do nothing because he never has it. I learned this early in life before I found things I liked doing, and so found self-validation in doing them. I was shamed because I didn’t work hard enough at tasks I didn’t like. I didn’t compete hard enough in sports I didn’t enjoy. I didn’t argue hard enough for things I didn’t care about. I didn’t pursue women hard enough and alter my personality to attract them. But that’s not what pissed them off, not the core of their issue. What really got to them is that I rejected the praise and value they wished to bestow on me. I wasn’t interested in what they were selling. This was me skirting the periphery of MGTOW before it even existed.

Moving away from women and all of the situations they cause(to me)is like the final acceptance of the loss of a loved one, or having a prized and irreplaceable pet or possession destroyed. As much as I loved and enjoyed it, nothing I can do will bring it back. It’s more the concept of women being shattered for me. The HARSH REALIZATION of fact that they simply don’t have the capacity to love men. Not men necessarily, the man I am.I -and most of the men I know, are utilities. You don’t and can’t love your shovel or rake.When it breaks, you simply go out and get another one. Knowing how females feel about the vast majority of men is a pain I’m going to have to get used to. Realizing nothing I can do or say will change their views of me,or men in general. I can’t look at females the same anymore. If I see a pretty girl, a woman with her husband and kids,or an older couple I think, If anything happens to that man she’s with, she’ll cry, but not for the reasons a man would. She’s crying because of her uncertainty that she can get a replacement as good as that one. She would be oblivious to his suffering before he died. Whether it be by accident or illness, his suffering wouldn’t register with her. That’s why women who lose a man says, he’s all I had. Now he’s gone, what am I gonna do?

You nailed it here. Reaching self actualization has a lot to do with letting go of your ego and realizing that you can’t fix the problem. These white knights out here refuse to let their ego’s go and they resort to shaming other men to boost their ego’s. The men who keep trying to have relationships are the guys that refuse to accept that there is no way to win. Women feed off of guys ego’s. They will constantly shame you into feeling bad about yourself so that you work harder, buy her nice things, buy that new car for her, take her to nice places. Once you let go of your ego there is no way for a woman to manipulate you.