Science: Males Are Naturally More Romantic/”Sensitive” | by Jessie Nagy

Most of man’s process is governed by a single drive: oxytocin. The emotional, psychological health of man depends upon whether he can receive this or whether access to it is blocked – excessive competition. The body & psyche are obviously interconnected, & emotions influence how you function with work, etc.. With females influencing social interaction, […]

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Diogenes on Marriage

    A young man contemplating marriage sought advice from Diogenes, “Should I marry?” “Marriage is too soon for a young man” “Would you have me wait then until I am old?” “Oh no, Marriage is far too late for an old man.” “What am I to do then?  I love the girl.” “Love is […]

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The Cow Te Ching

Selected Verses from THE COW TE CHING (The Cow and its Characteristics) by The Zen Masters Kevin Solway & David Quinn Copyright © 1995-2001 The Cow that can be told is not the eternal Cow. The Woman that can be named is not the eternal Woman. Man is the Creator of ten thousand things. Woman […]

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